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player avatar Dragondave


162; 144; 0
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avatar Screaming Cantaloupe
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< Proposed
> Accepted
Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

Dragondave claimed ...

Screaming Cantaloupe claimed I sent item, but did not receive everything we agreed to exchange

avatar LRiPPER volunteered to mediate this dispute.

Screaming Cantaloupe completed offer with Dragondave
  • Dragondave completed offer with Screaming Cantaloupe
  • 🔄 Mediator LRiPPER reset the offer status
  • LRiPPER volunteered to mediate offer
  • X Screaming Cantaloupe failed (insufficient) offer with Dragondave
  • Dragondave completed offer with Screaming Cantaloupe
  • > Screaming Cantaloupe accepted offer from Dragondave
  • < Dragondave proposed offer to Screaming Cantaloupe
  • 🕗 Screaming Cantaloupe set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 Dragondave set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Glad you both resolved it. i've reset the offer status so you both can complete it as usual. please left here a message with the game used as restitution, so i'll update the offer.
  • Hello. how can I help you to resolve this dispute?
  • avatar I have capture of the chat if the mediator requires it, and I suppose that Steam can facilitate that it is the same key that later and by mistake redeem on my Steam and days after the initial shipment, just when in the chat I say that I am going to fix it
  • I don't know how he tried, but the key was good and I lost it because of him. Obviously I refuse to send a second, it would be like having paid the same game twice, distorted the initial deal.
  • of the error, Keys history activated, etc. So I get down to it and enter the key on my Steam, waiting for the error to make the capture. My surprise comes that the key is activated the first time!
  • ... had an error. I tell him I will work it out with the store. I see that for the store to change my key, I need screenshots
  • This is not the entirely truth. He send me your key, was fine. Then I send my key and he say that is invalid key. It is strange because it is new but I trust it, because it has a lot of trades behind it and, well, it may happen that the store has...
  • Only trade for myself. Only give keys, not gift links. Everytime you let expire an offer, a kitty dies...
    No curator games, thanks. Overview
Dragondave will send 2 of these tradables

in exchange for

Screaming Cantaloupe will send 1 of these tradables

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