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avatar Fontes™
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Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

Nagisar claimed Settled, agreed to compensate for loss

Fontes™ claimed ...

avatar ➳+D-G+➳ volunteered to mediate this dispute.

The issue was resolved by Fontes sending another cd key for Pink Rage Otome ( Nagisar approved in chat that the dispute is resolved. 9 months ago

Fontes™ completed offer with Nagisar
  • Mediator ➳+D-G+➳ edited the failed reasons of offer
  • ➳+D-G+➳ volunteered to mediate offer
  • X Nagisar failed (insufficient) offer with Fontes™
  • X Nagisar failed (insufficient) offer with Fontes™
  • > Fontes™ accepted offer from Nagisar
  • < Nagisar proposed offer to Fontes™
  • 🕗 Fontes™ set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 Nagisar set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Thank you both :)
  • avatar In life everything ends in the right way, that's the way it is and I'm pretty content. :p ;)
  • Like I said, good job ➳+D-G+➳ for your great work, it is clear that justice is efficient. :P :)
  • avatar justice has been made way before, we just made a settlement on how to satisfy you. Still, props to the patience of the moderator.
  • avatar Thank you very much ➳+D-G+➳ for your attentiveness and understanding, justice has been done. :)
  • avatar and he has the key i gave him in his Games list :))
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  • He said yes, i gave it, he deleted me from friends and disputed on barter 40 seconds later
  • I asked what should i make to end this trade by there, cause he had given me a dupe in the second game, not the first he had given me. He said, give any game that atleast 5 people have it on wishlist. I asked him if God of Failure was ok.
  • When you can, i got images to prove otherwise. Thanks
  • But you do huh?
  • I will not write anything more here, i got proofs, and by the way, your profile is alot trustable 0 trades 0 anything, and here i am with alot of successful trades and 0 problems, and i didnt even know how to dispute someone till the day.
  • avatar From the beginning this person was condescending and disrepectful "now what". Sadly I couldn't cancel the deal, I had already sent 2 items.
  • "Nagisar claimed I sent item, but did not receive everything we agreed to exchange" : This guy claims that my key of Warhammer is not valid but it was. I don't know what he did with it but he has stolen me.
  • avatar half first half later, gives me dupes, then disputes :)
  • sure, but that's what u agreed later, got prints :)
  • scammer :)
  • avatar I wanted Kill the emoji for my 4 games. Finally I get "God of failure" vs "Satellite Reign" That was not my initial offer.
  • ok accept me in steam
  • I send you 2 games, you send me your game and then i send you my 2 last games. Is it ok for you ?
  • avatar well i accept if you agree to send first
  • avatar what do you think about this offer ?
Nagisar will send 4 of these tradables

in exchange for

Fontes™ will send 1 of these tradables

Nagisar has fewer than 5 unique completed offers and therefore should go first in the exchange. This is to discourage the creation of throwaway accounts that have no intention of completing trades.

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