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Geosmin claimed ...

steenbreker claimed ...

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

X steenbreker failed offer with Geosmin
  • X Geosmin failed offer with steenbreker
  • > steenbreker accepted offer from Geosmin
  • < Geosmin proposed offer to steenbreker
  • 🕗 steenbreker set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 Geosmin set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar steenbreker, if you did not want a Steam key, you should state that in the offer comments before accepting. "I prefer" and "if you have" does not indicate that you will not accept a key.
  • This now seems to be a dispute about Steamtrades feedback, which is outside the scope of this mediation. Given that you both received the game specified in the offer, I will change the offer to Completed.
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  • "Similar experiences on steamtrades" lol ... show me proofs, read more biased guy! You know nothing about me. You forced a trade!! Nothing more. Both keycodes were ok! And you pressed the keycode to me and blackmailed me!! That's fact! I send a 2nd keycode with intention to scam?? What's wrong with you? I asked at the beginning for giftlink!! There is no duty to trade, but a selfish like you do not care.
  • avatar -Didn't own the game beforehand -Accepted a trade, regardless of origin -Already shows scammy behaviour even before giving any serial -Gives duplicate key at first -Similar experiences on steamtrades -I belive all this should be noted here as well
  • avatar Yes I had to activate on a second account. I had no choice, although I asked for a link. Deliberately, he pushed the keycode to me ... with the words "I have the serial only ..."
  • avatar Geosmin, the first key you received was a duplicate, but you were able to active the second key? steenbreker, you activated Super Time Force Ultra, but did so in a second account because you already had the game in your library?
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