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Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

steenbreker claimed I agreed to cancel

-๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑- claimed I agreed to cancel

avatar Alexandra volunteered to mediate this dispute.

X steenbreker failed offer with rachidnemar
  • X rachidnemar failed offer with steenbreker
  • > rachidnemar accepted offer from steenbreker
  • < steenbreker proposed offer to rachidnemar
  • 🕗 -๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑- set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 steenbreker set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Okay, great, I'll forward this to the admin and tell them to mark as cancelled
  • avatar Note: this is not an "unvalidated key" , its just we didn't agree who will give his key the 1st .
  • ok np for me,and A little advice to my friend we must be patient we are all here to exchange games for and have fun. thank you !
  • avatar ... and thank you for the attention and your valuable time.
  • No problem! That was my thought, too. But my counterpart "rachidnemar" thought differently. With revenge, because I did not want to start.
  • avatar Hi, it appears that parties did not actually exchange items in this offer. If this is true, can we change this offer's status to "agreed to cancel" or "abandoned" rather than disputing this?
  • avatar plz you can give me a title for sharing your screenshot in facebook , I wonder how old are you?!!!
  • thank you I'll share it on Facebook and also on Steam for you ok hahahah
  • hahahaha omg omg you really are a kid these screenshot it's a great unsulte for you !!!? he really suspect me that I'm a big scammer loool !
  • avatar Comment Hidden to Avoid Losing Game: Link detected
  • avatar we talk to the trade suddenly he insults me "scammer" OMG !!! you're really funny lool
  • hahahahah Plzz never make a trade request with me Mr. scammer OMG , plz guys look he profile in steamgift 9 negative report in feedback
  • avatar Lies and insulting. More you can not.
  • avatar -rep bad trader and scammer
  • avatar INFOS FOR BARTER. This User is a scammer! More Information & Screenshots coming soon!
  • I rarely send counter offers. So do the best you can, please. I accept "⚙️"-games only against lower quality games. Overview
steenbreker will send 1 of these tradables

in exchange for

-๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑- will send 1 of these tradables

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