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FromKlumb3r181; 142; 0Steam Trades iconDiscordSteam icon🌎 SA CL
To.blewberry24; 24; 0Steam Trades iconDiscordSteam icon🌐 ROW
Updated X Klumb3r failed offer with ChodaGirl
  • X ChodaGirl failed offer with Klumb3r
  • > ChodaGirl accepted offer from Klumb3r
  • < Klumb3r proposed offer to ChodaGirl
  • 🕗 .blewberry set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 Klumb3r set proposed offer to expire
< Proposed
> Accepted
X Failed
X Failed
Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

avatar brake volunteered to mediate this dispute.

Klumb3r claimed I agreed to cancel

.blewberry claimed other party abandoned offer

Klumb3r explained that he cancelled the trade offer since he didn't have Zero Gear. As Klumb3r doesn't have Mission Control: NanoMech in his inventory and blewberry doesn't care about the dispute anymore - the dispute should be closed as ''agreed to cancel on both sides'', since its an old offer. 11 months ago

  • avatar If you were did wrong then I would like to hear your side, rather than just leave this dispute against Klumb3r, without any sort of evidence or response from you blewberry.
  • avatar I understand a long time have passed but you are not interested in what? I am simply looking as to why you marked the offer the way you did
  • avatar this is two years old, not interested, but thank you nonetheless
  • avatar Adding on Steam to talk.
  • avatar For people like you, these pages don't work, idiot.
  • avatar Because you are a scammer. I am no longer going to engage you here or anywhere. See ya!
  • avatar And you blocked me and removed from Steam. Why?
  • avatar If you have no reason to lie, then why you do it? Besides, I never gave you a key, so you put "key already used".
  • avatar I have no reason to lie. Sorry.
  • avatar This trade didn't fail, it simply had changed. ChodaGirl is lying.
  • avatar 🗩 Overview [Game 1x1 Game] [Game 1x2 DLC] [DLC 1x1 DLC]

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