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Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

matrixdll claimed I sent item, but received nothing in exchange

«Крβ»especie claimed I requested to cancel

avatar 🍒 Lilly (🌸◠‿◠) volunteered to mediate this dispute.

Due to some misunderstanding, the conversation became rather heated and the trade was not successfully completed.
Poof and Yumsters 2 were already sent by matrixdll when «Крβ»especie decided to terminate the trade to avoid further angry exchanges. Since he had already activated the key for Poof, he returned a new key back to matrixdll and closed the trade, but matrixdll was unable to verify the validity of this key because he already owned the game.
I intermediated the remaining part of the exchange (matrixdll provided a new key for Yumsters 2) and the trade was thus completed. 2 years ago

«Крβ»especie completed offer with matrixdll
  • matrixdll completed offer with «Крβ»especie
  • 🔄 Mediator 🍒 Lilly (🌸◠‿◠) reset the offer status
  • 🍒 Lilly (🌸◠‿◠) volunteered to mediate offer
  • X matrixdll failed (sent item, received nothing) offer with «Крβ»especie
  • X «Крβ»especie failed (requested to cancel) offer with matrixdll
  • > «Крβ»especie accepted offer from matrixdll
  • < matrixdll proposed offer to «Крβ»especie
  • matrixdll edited offer
  • matrixdll paused offer
  • < matrixdll proposed offer to «Крβ»especie
  • matrixdll edited offer
  • matrixdll paused offer
  • < matrixdll proposed offer to «Крβ»especie
  • 🕗 «Крβ»especie set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 matrixdll set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar comment deleted
  • avatar I've received a valid key for Juanito Arcade Mayhem from and sent the key replacement for Yumsters 2 to the mediator, which makes this trade "complete" on my behalf. If Especie wishes, they can remove their revenge review on my ST page, and I'll delete my
  • You were everything you're accusing me being of, on top of being a legal definition of a scammer who hasn't delivered on your end of the deal, because you considered my words disrespectful.
  • >>and I’ve never had a problem as u see I got 145 trades completed) Neither have I and I had 50 documented trades on IG, 6 trades on ST and dozens of undocumented ones straight through chat with people I've dealt previously.
  • (the amount of stress from your baseless accusations and insults caused me a near heart-attack, due to my health condition)
  • I can say exactly the same thing about you (and unlike you, my observations are demonstrably correct), being extremely disrespectful and toxic for ignoring my valid questions from chat.
  • You, on the other hand, kept ignoring my questions, started throwing ad hominem insults at me: a scammer, a newb with 1 trade only, discouraging me from doing any trades in future and being worse than bot trader.
  • >>Again i dont have to tolerate someone so disrespectful Like I said before, I've never insulted you during the exchange or dispute (until that English part) and even asked for forgiveness two times from you during the chat.
  • (which is observable truth and I haven't even pointed that one out, until now, because you keep calling me toxic & disrespectful, which is nothing but your personal perception)
  • Even now you could've just offered to complete the deal in order to resolve dispute, but you're either too arrogant to do that or lack proper English knowledge to discuss anything.
  • I wasn't asking for a replacement of Poof - I was asking for Arcade Juanito Mayhem! You are the one who chose to one-sidedly alter conditions & terminate the deal.
  • >>but u decided to make your cd key and mine public on steam trades whinout censorship, You decided to cancel the ongoing deal! All on your own, without ever even thinking about discussing that with the other trader first.
  • avatar you can send me an offer for 1 gem so u can dispute me anytime if it's duped , in case u don’t agreed this is my last message until a mediator is here because I don’t have more time for this
  • as a GIFT I can replace AGAIN for a second time the game “Poof” ( with ensurance to get a replacement with a ticket in a WEIRD case it’s duped
  • as I said Im not new on barter and it’s not logical to damage my reputation for a cheap key who worth less than 1 TF Key you were the one with only 1 trade completed and wanting to trade outside barter and hurrying me so much with a suspicious attitude
  • but u decided to make your cd key and mine public on steam trades whinout censorship, that’s your responsibility not mine , the 2 others cd keys probably where activated by random strangers who check reviews on steamtrades by now
  • , if it was duped and I decided to ignore you for a replacement you had the right to put a negative review and a dispute not now and lost 2 keys for no reason.
  • and I’ve never had a problem as u see I got 145 trades completed) even if it was duped in a 0.0001% chances I could easily get a replacement for you with a ticket
  • Again i dont have to tolerate someone so disrespectful for 30 minutes sadly I couldn’t delete you because I was responsible of 1 cd key which I accepted many times, gave u a replacement (which store is where most of my trades came from
  • avatar Link to chat logs (replace [dots] and remove spaces): drive [dot] google [dot] com / drive / folders / 1YaPZtvUc6NQCMDVA5BwkQplwCUSF3FaX Archived version: drive [dot] google [dot] com / file / d / 10jjYnazoQdSIuOdDRfWkbeFlNNVLWYOA
  • P.S. I can only wish you luck trying to deal with other traders who had only previously experienced instant exchange, without such massive delay (people come from all sorts of backgrounts, and tongue is given to them to resolve any misunderstandings)
  • At the end of the day, none of your personal perception of my words matters (and, for the record, I've never insulted you), if I've completed my part of the trade 100% and you completed 0% of it.
  • What would stop you from giving them away to anyone if you felt like it? (like how you so frivolously felt about cancelling the accepted deal after already activating one of the two revealed keys, right in the middle of the trade)
  • And now you try to put this on me that I could've kept my 2nd game to myself (and your unilaterally issued "refund" I neither did ask for or could've checked the validity of, cuz I already had the game) and risk trading them after revealing them?
  • But you decided to walk out like a spoiled child, take back your toys and back off, in the middle of the ongoing exchange after accepting the trade, activating one of the two revealed keys and not sending yours.
  • You could've simply asked me to wait for "30m" until key activation limit expires, and I'd gladly do it! (instead of your vague "1m pls", followed by red-tape finger-pointing at 4day trade window)
  • What you should've done, as a responsible trader, was to answer the question on "how long should I wait" (30m 'till key activation limit expires or 4 days), check 2nd game, send yours, finish the trade and THEN block me to never deal with me again.
  • Even if you didn't like me being pushy with questions, you still had an obligation to complete an accepted trade that's been already halfway through its completion.
  • You asked me to wait "1m" - I waited "10m". You ignored 90% of my questions, which you now call "toxic spamming". You ran away from the trade after accepting it and receiving both of my keys, one of which you have activated and confirmed.
  • avatar so the lost of the 2 games is on his account instead of taking the key that i gave u which i could replace anytime with a ticket in a weird case u need it
  • Sadly he decided to make more problems showing 2 functional cd keys public, Yumsters! 2: Around the World! isn't in my library my profile is public to anyone (i didnt took 2 cd keys as he claims),
  • 7 I decided to cancel the trade and give him a replacement of the key I activated “Poof” so I can be free from someone so toxic, so finally the deal it’s over, but he decided to open a dispute for no reason on a site which he can’t even follow his
  • 6 since I didn’t want to deal with someone who doesn’t agreed with the terms that he accepted because it’s not my job to teach him he rules of the site, and someone who spam and threats every minute is something that no one’s likes
  • there are even people who leave the keys and I reply I day later because as I told him many times I was busy and I’ll check when I was free but he keeps spamming me
  • 5 Again I told him to wait even I didn’t need to since when u accept a trade there’s ( in this case) 4 days to be completed
  • 4 he keeps spamming me every time minute even I told him to wait like 3 times , and in less than 10 minutes he was threaten me that he was going to report to barter streamtrades police FBI ,etc.
  • 3 after that he send me 2 keys I only activated “Poof” because I got the cd keys limit activation
  • 1 dude wanted to trade outside barter, i told him to use that since it’s safest for both ( if i wanted to scam him why I would recommend that lmao) 2 he keeps spamming to check the trade even I told him to wait because I was busy like 3 times
  • avatar ...explain themselves, if their life depended on it. First (hidden) comment contains the links to the archived steam chat log that I'll post on Steamtrades.
  • The user has received two of my keys - checked one and said to wait upon the second key. Then refused to honor the deal - after receiving both of my keys - because yada, yada, hamana, hamana "I was being rude and scammer", because they can't explain th...
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