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Offer Failed Dispute about games or items lost ( about disputes )

marula79 claimed I requested to cancel

jerry217b claimed I sent item, but received nothing in exchange

avatar LRiPPER volunteered to mediate this dispute.

X marula79 failed (requested to cancel) offer with jerry217b
  • LRiPPER volunteered to mediate offer
  • X jerry217b failed (sent item, received nothing) offer with marula79
  • > jerry217b accepted offer from marula79
  • < marula79 proposed offer to jerry217b
  • 🕗 jerry217b set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 marula79 set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar so you could be sure i dont use it and dont resend it
  • i never use key in similiar case lake this, mistake sometimes happend, and all cases before noone have any problem with key that i dot use (as i know)
  • avatar I cannot trade it in a week, ask him to promise that he will not use the key or show it to others. BTW, the base game is FREE! He took advantage of, but we did informed barter to change the description for the game.
  • avatar Since jerry217b did not set the correct game profile of his tradables I'll decide this dispute in marula79 favour. I'll keep it open until jerry217b trade his key just to check that was not used. you have a week to make it.
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  • avatar so what are you expecting when you redeemed the key? you wanted the base game or the DLC to your account? You kept avoid this same question for what, 6 times?
  • avatar how could i know this before check key? you send something ELSE then you offered on barter... no more comment, im feel like punching my head on wall, im exchausted this conversation
  • avatar REALLY? Then why did you redeem my key when you got it? It's the DLC you wanted, now you changed your mind, after you found you had the DLC, which you figured out after redeeming my key.
  • avatar next time i try to explain, i want game from THIS trade, not DLC which i havent before
  • avatar sure I agree with what you said. He is just making an excuse. He has the free base game, he tried to redeem my key to get the DLC, only to find he had it already, then he use this excuse to back track, simple as that.
  • avatar and, please, always be polite, guys. ALWAYS! Offenses and chat not related to the trade only make it harder.
  • Jerry can add me to talk too. I can explain what that terms means and show you how to use steamdb to check your stuff before a trade :)
  • To mediate it I'll need the key info. I'm waiting for marula79 send me a screenshot showing attempt to use the key. It must contain the SubID which the key refer.
  • avatar I dont really care about the game, just let the ADMIN know he is taking advantage of barter, Aeseny92 has already updated the page. I don't want anything to do with this person.
  • The guy is full of shit. He also accept my negotiate offer before negotiating, and told me he can negotiate for my gears 5, but he only has 1800 gem. What can you expect from him? I should have blocked him day one, my fault.
  • If you ask him : "what are you expecting to get when you were redeeming his key", you will notice he keep avoiding this question.
  • This game has no region lock or different version or something, unless he does not know he cannot activate the same game twice on steam at this circumstances, he is lying.
  • The game is free, the DLC is not. He wants the DLC, but the developer give everyone who got the free game a free dlc, he does not know it. Thats how this happen. There is no so called correct ID the dev update the old ID to new one after it is free
  • To the mediator, the case is very complicated. I don't know the technical part very well, you can ask Aeseny92 on barter server for details. basically he wanted to back track, because he did not know he has the game already until he redeemed my key.
  • My key dont activate game? here is what you said I quote: "hi weird i try add your key but steam says i have it right now:/ " I know what kind of person you are. Let the mediator decide. Good bye
  • avatar shitshow? read what we write and find answer who make shitshow, second thing your key DONT ACTIVATE game which you mark on barter... what you dont understand?
  • avatar TLDR: The game was $9.99, now free, the dev team changed the ID because of that, but the content reminds exactly the same. The guy found it is free now, wanted to back track, so he started the shitshow. If he said so I would have canceled the trade, but with the shitshow, I had no choice.
  • Other than accusing others making mistakes, are you willing to tell us, what were you expecting when you redeemed my key
  • What game does my key miss? It is so easy for us to figure out what is going on, if you tell us what my game misses, isn't it? Or else, it seems like you are making an excuse, avoiding the questions in order not to solve the problem.
  • I made no mistake. You are lying. There is no difference between the so called depot. what does my key miss? I dare you to explain it clearly, you avoid the question 3 times, you only said it was the wrong game, but what does it miss?
  • You keep lying about I sent you the wrong game, tell us the name of the game you were expecting and what game you received. Dont try to avoid the question by depots, there is no difference. You avoid the question three times.
  • avatar its just YOUR MISTAKE and stop trying to find any other reason in several fantastic theory.... dont blame me blame yourself
  • click on your game in barter they track to steam page with Heart Fragment, try to activate your key its activate DLC with base game in it... what you dont understand?? you mark and send WRONG game, this is only reason why i dont want to send you my key
  • avatar The only reason you refused to send me your key, is because you found out you have the base game and DLC already, you want to back track. If you knew that before trading and want some other package, you would never redeem my key in your account.
  • upon checking, there is no reason you refuse the key, the packages are the same, the base game is free, the key is for dlc, there is no way you want others, because you said you tried to activate it. what do you expect? redeem the same game twice?
  • avatar you sugest im intentionaly cheat you, you say 1000 trade its way to cheat another user with less experience, in which world you life? calm down and wait for admin... im convinced im right, you think conversely, so just wait for admin,
  • Who knows what jerry thinking ...maybe jerry think earth is flat....?
  • avatar you are avoiding the question again and put on irrelevant jokes, I am not ignorant, you are making this thing up. I will expose you.
  • avatar Who knows what jerry thinking ...maybe jerry think earth is flat....?
  • avatar Who knows what you are thinking, maybe after you found out it is free now, you want to take advantage of me using your experiences to avoid loss? Or else, why don't you show us what different depots you mentioned were the deal breaker to you? I have been asking several times.
  • I asked repeatedly you show the evidence, and show us how to mark this game right? Also I poked you for your lie its a simple novel game, there is no different versions of depot actually, you didnt know that, did you? Your excuse won't apply here
  • avatar Dear Boy, i have 1088 succesfull trade right now, you really think i want cheat you for game worth less than 1$... You mark wrong game, and its clue. Be patience, give admin time to check who has rightness
  • avatar If you have no time to study what depots are and how they work like I had to go through, then think about it before trading with him, because he will use it against you as an excuse to not send you his game, of course, without providing any evidences.
  • Be careful of this guy, he claimed I sent him the wrong game containing different depot, but it is not true according to steam db. Also this is the only entry for HF, and I have never see any difference this game could possibly has.
  • Oh I checked this one as well, you claimed I sent the wrong game, they have different depot, but according to steamdb link you gave: 1253881 Heart Fragment PC 2 1253882 Heart Fragment Linux 1253883 Heart Fragment Mac
  • I checked so called depot, there are three: 1253881 Heart Fragment PC 1.05 GiB 1253882 Heart Fragment Linux 1.05 GiB 1253883 Heart Fragment Mac, what do you mean contains different depot? You have been avoiding the questions.
  • If he can prove to admin and me the game I sent is wrong, which has different depots(whatever it is), and that difference is a sound reason to refuse to send me his key, then I will accept it.
  • I dont buy what he said, since he told me he tried the key and found he already got it. I can send the key to the Admin who will take care of this dispute
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  • avatar First, prove I sent is something different from this game I listed. Second, prove it contains different depots (whatever it means), and how does that effect the trade.
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  • avatar The other part claim my key is not the game, but no evidence is shown. I can provide the key to the admin to prove it is the key, if the other party did not use it. He did mentioned he tried the key, and did not send me his key.
  • Hi, I sent you the game hours ago.
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