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player avatar kittykate


277; 225; 0
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avatarTiger Freak
30; 20; 0
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< Proposed
> Accepted
X Failed
Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

kittykate claimed Settled, agreed to compensate for loss

Tiger Freak claimed Restitution, received compensation for loss

avatar LRiPPER volunteered to mediate this dispute.

Mediator LRiPPER edited the failed reasons of offer
  • LRiPPER volunteered to mediate offer
  • kittykate completed offer with Tiger Freak
  • kittykate completed offer with Tiger Freak
  • X Tiger Freak failed (region lock) offer with kittykate
  • > Tiger Freak accepted offer from kittykate
  • < kittykate proposed offer to Tiger Freak
  • 🕗 Tiger Freak set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 kittykate set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Thank you!
  • avatar We are both happy with the outcome. Please delete the dispute. Thanks
  • avatar Everything is resolved. Kittykate sent me a key that activated perfectly.
  • avatar To clear this dispute I need a confirmation of Tiger Freak that it was resolved. just leave a message here :)
  • avatar I thought more along the lines of a fact finding process. I sent you a friend request on steam.
  • Hi kittykate, I apologize for not seeing this earlier (I don't check this website that often). I didn't make the dispute out of anger or anything, I was just stating what happened. I wasn't 100% certain that it would be a negative thing by disputing.
  • avatar If he reads this, I would ask him to send me a friend invitation on steam so I can give him the game he needs. He knows I want to ammend the error, but I don't know why he is acting like that.
  • He didn't accept my invite again. If there is a mediator or moderator here, I would gladly try to reach the user so he can have what he wants. I never tried to hide, he just acted like this was not important to him, but I see it was.
  • I want to fix the error either by giving him another key for the game that will activate for sure or if he wants I can give him another game from his wishlist. When I noticed he disputed, he had already deleted me from friends and didn't accept my invite
  • avatar Mass Effect was origin key, so I requested the Aliens key instead. Aliens key was sent, but unfortunately it was a region locked key. I think this was unknown to KittyKate, I told her i'm not worried about it and she can just keep the games I sent.
kittykate will send 1 of these tradables

in exchange for

Tiger Freak will send 7 of these tradables

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