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Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

naz239 claimed Settled, agreed to compensate for loss

Tim claimed Restitution, received compensation for loss

avatar LRiPPER volunteered to mediate this dispute.

Mediator LRiPPER edited the failed reasons of offer
  • Mediator LRiPPER edited the failed reasons of offer
  • LRiPPER volunteered to mediate offer
  • Tim disputed offer with naz239 due to revocation
  • naz239 completed offer with Tim
  • Tim completed offer with naz239
  • > Tim accepted offer from naz239
  • < naz239 proposed offer to Tim
  • 🕗 Tim set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 naz239 set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Congrat LRipper!!
  • You immediately placed dispute and deleting me from steam chat without try any communication, Is that your definition of diplomady? Now you continue tangle everything dont agreeding LRiPPER offers, paypal explanation and telling your barter adventures
  • avatar Ok, I'll close the dispute as resolved! Thank you guys!
  • avatar I've tried to avoid having this rant until now in the interest of diplomacy, but now I'm a bit drunk. But whatever, let's just close this and be done with it.
  • Naz has just been combatative and defensive the whole time.
  • I immediately apologised, provided a screenshot of the humble store page as evidence, and generally behaved in a reasonable and considerate way that reflected the fact that I was the one failing to fulfill my end of a trade.
  • By contrast, I had a complication with another trade recently which I only just resolved, where Humble had run out of keys for a game I'd agreed to trade.
  • Whereas actually it took them a whole month and several prompts to provide the most basic of explanations with no apology.
  • avatar LRiPPER, the proof could be the paypal email of resolution, add me to steam for sending the screenshot
  • avatar When I said earlier that "I would have preferred something more useful and concrete", I suppose what I was hoping for was that naz would take some proactive role in justifying and explaining what had happened, and saying sorry in any way.
  • Sorry, I don't understand your comment, I've said that I'm happy to accept naz's explanation. You can just close this dispute as resolved or whatever the equivalent process is.
  • avatar I think that naz239 already explained what happened, but I understand that a proof of the situation could include sensitive information, so it's hard to share something like this. Why don't you just accept the key replacement?
  • avatar As I said earlier, I'm happy to accept naz's explanation in the interest of resolving this. Don't worry about the key exchange.
  • avatar Ok, naz, but I need to be sure that Tim agrees with the solution first.
  • avatar LRiPPER add me to steam chat for giving the key
  • The revoke was two months later Choice because a paypal dispute. Paypal forced to Humble to fix the wrong price charged, i provided him/her dispute paypal number
  • Ok, i accept give my key to LRiPPER. Eva is a almost 0$ game I couldnt buy the bundle again because paypal dispute was 2 months later. Besides Cloudpunk, the main game worked him/her
  • avatar Don't worry about giving me your key, it's something low priority for me that I'm sure I can easily trade for with another user.
  • Sorry, I missed your comment, there was a pause with mine because I was dealing with a lost delivery driver.
  • I would have preferred something more useful and concrete than a Paypal code which is meaningless without access to his account, but I'm happy to accept his explanation in the interest of resolving this.
  • What I offered instead was for naz239 to provide a reasonable explanation for why the key was revoked.
  • avatar ok. Well, would you accept a key of my own purchase? I still didn't used my key from Choice #28, so naz239 can give me his key and everyone can be happy. both agree?
  • avatar I already made that clear in a previous comment.
  • The key being offered is from a grey market. Like many users, I don't use those myself because I don't trust them and I don't agree in principle with reselling keys for money. So I don't want to accept one as part of a trade either.
  • avatar Exact. He dont accept another key. Another users from same Humble Choice Bundle problem accepted the replace key without problems. He/she dosnt want "Evan's Remain 849VT-7TDTR-?????" replace.
  • avatar Let me help you come to an agreement. correct me if i'm wrong, but the game was revoked after a successful trade. Now naz239 is willing to send another key as compensation, but Tim just doesn't want to and prefers to have the dispute as unresolved?
  • avatar (For Mediator). I have another humble key "Evan's Remain 849VT-7TDTR-?????" but Tim dont want it. I have replaced other revoked keys in barter speaking like adult person in chat steam but I don't know what to do with Tim. Request mediation for finishing.
  • Paypal Dispute "PP-D-149286273" I won the dispute to Humble requesting "wrong discount code" application" Humble accepted Paypal mandatory but they preferred full refund and revoke keys than partial refund applying the discount code.
  • avatar What you've instead chosen to do is be defensive and act as if I'm in the wrong, despite it being you who provided a key that didn't work.
  • What I was also hoping for was for you to respond a little more reasonably. Here's how I might have responded in similar circumstances: "Sorry about that, but it wasn't actually my fault, [explanation of problem with Paypal/Humble]."
  • I'll consider this resolved if you can provide a reasonable explanation for why the key was revoked. You said previously you can provide evidence of the dispute with Paypal, so presenting that would help.
  • I gave you another opportunity to explain why your key was revoked, but you've not done so.
  • I didn't make demands because I've been clear what my motive is: to record the fact that I received a revoked key so that others can use that information when deciding whether to trade with you.
  • You made it clear your key is from a reseller. I don't use resellers because I don't trust them and I don't agree with them in principle. If I did, I would have happily bought the game for €0.24.
  • avatar The reseller key value is 0,24. I have a key from same reseller than the older one. Humble... i notice to Mediator that she/he dont want the same key came back from Humble so I request to mediator close the dispute. She/he no demands, She/he just disturb.
  • avatar I've never explicitly accused you of anything. I simply said I was provided with a revoked key. I also don't think you've really explained anything, you've just said there was a dispute with Humble/Paypal.
  • You're obviously upset that I reported this on, but to me the whole point of this site is that it enables trust because there's a documented record of when things go wrong.
  • I don't want a key from a key reseller, thanks.
  • Sorry, I'd forgotten I needed to deal with this.
  • avatar I have your Evan's Remain key, add me Steam or write an email or contact info for sending you
  • Mediator, that is my offer. I think it'd solve the dispute
  • Tim didnt contact to me, she/he seem being more happy with the loss and recording the dispute than asking me the key. Anyway I offer her/him the "Evans Remain" key or Eneba value 0'24 eur or similar (depending payment commision) in her/his paypal account.
  • Mediator, i have explained the revoke reason (dispute paypal-humble) I have proof of paypal dispute and resolution punishing to humble to refund my money.
  • avatar It had therefore provided a special button to mark the offer as failed due to revokation. That seemed like the intended course of action in this circumstance. I don't think it was unreasonable of me to follow it.
  • I came onto to write a comment explaining that it had been revoked. When looking at this offer page, had detected that the game had been removed from my account and possibly revoked.
  • "Happy to accept the loss? a 0,24 EUR loss that was almost a gift?" - What else should I describe it as? I didn't claim to have lost something of high value.
  • avatar i dont mind you prefer mark a dispute than contact me....
  • i have disputed with paypal against humble and I have won and they refunded my money from this order. Add me to Steam again and i send you another Evan key. Happy to accept the loss? a 0,24 EUR loss that was almost a gift?
  • avatar Evan's Remains was revoked by Steam. Cloudpunk remains in my account. I'm happy to accept the loss, but I thought it should be on record on here that I received a revoked key.
  • avatar Please don't send any keys, before talking to me in chat to avoid misunderstandings. Overview
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