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FromZseri [HUN]438; 295; 0Steam Trades iconDiscordSteam icon🌐 ROW:EU HU
To Teberzin8; 8; 0Steam Trades iconDiscordSteam icon
Updated X Zseri [HUN] failed offer with Teberzin ( Countered Offer )
  • X Teberzin failed offer with Zseri [HUN]
  • > Teberzin accepted offer from Zseri [HUN]
  • < Zseri [HUN] proposed offer to Teberzin
  • 🕗 Teberzin set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 Zseri [HUN] set proposed offer to expire
< Proposed
> Accepted
Offer Failed About Disputes Dispute resolved

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

Zseri [HUN] claimed I agreed to cancel

Teberzin claimed I requested to cancel

  • avatar Thank you for correction.
  • avatar I see feedback from both sides stating that this was a misclick. I changed it from failed to request to cancel.
  • avatar Hi, I'm the mediator for this dispute. What happened?
  • avatar add me
  • avatar 🗩 Overview JUST trade with similar steam base (without sale) value. (1€=1€ +/- 25%) (For non-bundled game +/-50%)
Zseri [HUN] tradables

1 of the items above

in exchange for

2 of the items below

Teberzin tradables

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