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Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

barcada claimed ...

Osztihun claimed ...

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

X Osztihun failed offer with barcada
  • X barcada failed offer with Osztihun
  • > Osztihun accepted offer from barcada
  • < barcada proposed offer to Osztihun
  • 🕗 Osztihun set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 barcada set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Thank you both for resolving this dispute and completing the offer.
  • avatar Dear mediator! The problem is solved and we are fine I think. Thanks for your help. Can you remove this failed offer?
  • avatar He send me "Tricky towers". So this offer completed...
  • avatar Deleted it. Okay, I can do Tricky Towers for F.E.A.R if you still have the key, because i don't know what is it. I have a HB gift link for this game, so it will be okay for sure.
  • avatar barcada, you should at least set TTR:WT to x0 on your tradable page to prevent others from sending you offers for it.
  • avatar Or send me "Tricky towers" key, and not cheaper game keys... (not my fault that your key is not work)
  • If not you activated TTR, request new key from g2a, and send it to me...
  • I send the key, He not activated. Ok. Maybe sold it, activated by his friend, etc... After I send key(s) I always remove it from my tradables for this reason..
  • No, we are unfriend. (But if you tell me where is archive, I will find it for you.)
  • avatar Osztihun, can you attach a printscreen from our conversation?
  • Yes, I have TTR:WT, because traded it before with a friend. But as you see, I don't have the F.E.A.R game. I didn't activate it.
  • avatar I meant to say that TTR:WT appears in baracada's library.
  • avatar Now he has F.E.A.R. and I have nothing for that. So I don't want to trade this user later...
  • And yes he want to give me cheaper game, but it is not my fault that the key is not working. So he should buy me at least that game ho offered...
  • The game is not in my library... Tilt the key he send, and write G2A to send working key. He said that he will do that, but after this he completed the offer "failed" status.
  • avatar I noticed that TTR:WT appears in your library. Is there a possibility that you activated the key? Someone could confirm this by attempting to activate the key and requesting Steam send an email to the account that activated the key.
  • avatar Yes, I bought it from G2A and Osztihun said it was duplicate. I want to give him something else as a compensation, but he just wanted expensive games. I didn't want to trade them away and after that he deleted me.
  • avatar barcada, you had purchased the G2A Deal - Edition #2 directly from G2A, sent the TTR:WT key to Osztihun and that key had already been used? Could someone attempt to activate the key on Steam and then click the "Retrieve Account" button?
  • avatar Hi! Yes, it's correct, but I didn't redeemed the F.E.A.R key. I wrote to g2a support about the TTR:WR key, but they don't want to give me another one. What can I do now?
  • avatar Hi, I'm the mediator for this dispute. Osztihun explained to me that after Osztihun sent a key for F.E.A.R, and then barcada sent a key that produced a duplicate product code error. Is this accurate?
  • avatar key sent via steam chat
  • avatar If You don't like my offer, feel free to counter it. Overview
barcada will send 1 of these tradables

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