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player avatar ParanoidAndroid


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avatarFail Session
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< Proposed
> Accepted
Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

ParanoidAndroid claimed I agreed to cancel

Fail Session claimed I agreed to cancel

avatar Alexandra volunteered to mediate this dispute.

X Watson failed offer with ParanoidAndroid
  • ParanoidAndroid completed offer with Watson
  • > Watson accepted offer from ParanoidAndroid
  • < ParanoidAndroid proposed offer to Watson
  • 🕗 Fail Session set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 ParanoidAndroid set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Can you add me? I would like to discuss this issue further.
  • What? How the heck do you figure that? It hasn't been activated.
  • avatar By definition, the key IS USED.
  • avatar I didn't give you a used key because we never traded. Please change the failed status.
  • The key wasn't used. Look, sorry you're upset you didn't get your way, but I in no way scammed you or anything of that ilk.
  • avatar It is for "used keys" however.
  • avatar I just noticed that Failed & Disputed is for duplicate keys or no items sent. Can you change it on your side? I did neither
  • I can't change it on my side now but sorry for any confusion this caused.
  • Well, this seemed to be a failed trade all the way around and miscommunication ha.
  • avatar "complete"
  • Well I definitely didn't agree to cancel xD I said I accepted the trade. Which does not indicate in any manner
  • avatar I asked you what you wanted to do: agree to cancel or accept. You said you already accepted so I did the same.
  • avatar I never said completed? Why would I ever mark a trade that wasn't fulfilled Completed.
  • avatar You said you wanted to accept? I asked you if you wanted to agree to cancel or accept. What gives?
  • avatar I already accepted. And u messed up.
  • avatar Just let me know how you would like to proceed.
  • Again, sorry man. Didn't do it on purpose and from my side it looked like he accepted first. Hopefully we can trade in the future.
  • We can agree to cancel or just accept if you are worried about fulfillment rate.
  • Unfortunately, I didn't see any other games I wanted. How would you like to proceed?
  • avatar That's fine. I'll just be sure to note that you don't follow through on trade priorities.
  • avatar After I wrote you about the key being ROW, he had already accepted the offer. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.
  • avatar Hey, hate to tell you. But I accepted the trade first. 10 mins prior to him.
  • avatar Hey, really sorry but someone else accepted the trade before you did. I can check and see if you have anything else I'm interested in.
  • avatar Add me :)
  • avatar The key is from Nuuvem but I bought it quite some time ago with other games and is ROW.
  • avatar Only if this game is a non-Nuuvem key/gift and ROW
  • avatar If you decline an offer of mine, please write back why you declined and what you would like instead. Thanks! Overview
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