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  • avatar but my arguments based on how everything happened and made in factual facts are not valid?
  • And previous mediator giving me the reason, without him realizing it. so, his accusations based on false premises or prejudices of something that has not happened are valid?
  • In real life what I received was not as described because he reserved information that could to cancel this trade, is called dishonest and scam, sorry but it´is, I would win the trial
  • users attacking me with ad hominem arguments, while i´m defending my posture with valid examples in real life and solid arguments based on common sense and logic.
  • so if I do not accept your trap and I do not send my games, you dispute me. you choosed the best option for you for don´t receive a dispute from my side, you are very clever
  • I did not decived that´s the key of everything. You reserved to you the conditions of this key,. because if you inform about it then I cancel this trade and as you could suspect that, then you send the key first,
  • my position: if I feel you deceived me, now you will deceived more than before.
  • read my messages carefully
  • ad hominem argument you did
  • avatar Your position: he will deceive me in the future so I will deceive him now?
  • avatar but he did not that, why, it´s obvious, he send the key first, and If i don´t accept this trap, then open a dispute against me.
  • If he had been diplomatic to solve this problem, we would have reached an agreement, the problem is he never considers that he could have done things differently. informing about it
  • If he do not inform, because i think he don´t want that I reject the trade, then I suspect dishonesty, and everything becomes as it is now, then of course, I can to understand that he will sabotage the key. now there are not a friendly situation.
  • avatar I'm not sure there's anything else I can do.
  • avatar If he do not inform, but i don´t care about risks, I know he do not will sabotage the key
  • not before, but now everything is possible. If he inform about the beta tag key and I accept the risk, i´m sure he do not will sabotage the key, because he was honest from the beginning
  • I always judge with facts, not speculations
  • avatar You may disagree, but at this point, the risk of revocation is no greater than any other key. I don't think tridognight had any plans to sabotage the key.
  • avatar I always judge with facts, not speculations
  • When you’re ready to end beta access, revoke the keys using the key banning tool. You can indicate that you’re banning the keys because of the end of a beta, so users get a friendly message letting them know they’ve lost access.
  • 4. Keep track of the keys you hand out. By default, users who activate a key will own the game forever, but if you want to end beta access or revoke the game from beta testers, that’s fine too. When you’re ready to end beta access, revoke the keys
  • not because I make some search about it before posting
  • if he knew the risks of revokation of this key, and thinking about it, if metion to me about it and I will cancel the trade, he will hide this information?, sorry but I´m sure of it. he did it
  • avatar Ok, that is understandable. However, you did make a lot of accusation before asking questions about beta keys.
  • avatar As I said early, Is it so hard to mention it? it is not, that´s the question. so my suspicions are totally understandable, about some bad intentions hiding it
  • He knows more than me about "this word of tradding" I´m new trading games, and did not know anything about beta keys like this one.
  • avatar The key would have been revoked upon release, which occurred 18 months ago. The for Beta Testing label applies to any key that allows the game to be played prior to release. This can apply to crowdfunded games and other rewards unrelated to beta testing.
  • avatar he knew the key is for press review, he told me that, so perfectly he can to presume that there is a risk of banning the key anytime.
  • because developer has not banned them yet, but as a beta key assigned to press o beta testesr, the key may be revoked anytime, of course I would not have accepted that risk
  • Ya, If I knew that this kind the key are for beta tester, and steam and devoloper tag the key as beta key only "valid" while the game is in beta stage., and if when beta is finished but betas keys with full acess to the game, is yet active
  • avatar If you knew that this was a prerelease version of Syberia 3, you would have declined the offer? You never want to receive any keys that include "for Beta Testing"? This is regardless of actual risk of the key being revoked?
  • avatar if he hides this information, even if barter is allowing that, then I supect dishonesty, and now as everything is worst than before, I feel there are more chances to revokation because reporting to developer.
  • it´s only confidence, trust or whatever you want to call it. if he inform about it, I will see honestym if I accept the key, I know the risks, but I know he do not will inform about this key to developer.
  • the key was burning in his hands
  • because in my opinion, I feel he was not honest, not informing me about this kind of keys giving an option for reject this trade. because in mi opinion he knew I did not accept the risks, he wanted to rid out this key at all costs.
  • avatar Why would tridognight do that?
  • avatar it´s not as simple.. "We can make a guarantee if that happens". Guarantee?, I don´t trust in this trader, he has lost all confidence on my part, and barter too.
  • Now he can inform to the developer about this beta key, Can you understand, that if in my opinion and fellings, this trader is not honest, I am completely vulnerable. I send 23 games and I will lost the game.
  • or from a grey market, but at least, there I know what I i´m receiving, here I did not know, just because he did not want me to know.
  • As I said before, I will remove this game from my library, now everything is worst than before, because his lacks of diplomacy. I can buy thi damn game in steam winter sales or when becomes cheaper.
  • It is not the same, but it seems that in this world there are many people who lack common sense to understand the order of things
  • but now he lost every right about complains, just because he is not diplomatic and honest, simple as that. he was the first to make a "mistake" (in my opinion was not a error, everything was intentionally) so can´t complain about real mistakes
  • If he do not accept the options offered by me, then I´m sure the problem is not my personality. but I will perfectly will understand, that he considers the trade invalid because the 1 damn movie
  • or because i´m honest, I will say, sorry I misstagged this game in my text file. then I can buy the damns movie or add more games to compensate him
  • but as I said before but you have not bothered to read my messages well. if he is a good person and honest and may to say, don´t worry killogy, mistakes happens, I don´t will dipuste this trade just for the damn movie you misstagged
  • but now I have doubt about it, same as he had about the pirates of black cove edition game and he counter offerted add better games and removing the pirates games
  • Sending the cube key and was not as described, then is another thing
  • Really!!!, a damn movie from a trade with 22 more games is critical for the trade, OMG. if he can get a retail syberia 3 key better spend the money buying the movie and cacel this trade. so he will have his desire syberia 3 key to activa it in his account
  • he did not received any incorrect key, so do not make ad hominem argumentations
  • avatar If you receive a new retail key, you'll buy the movie?
  • avatar Now not, because the relationship and trust is broken. And as he did not informed me about the syberia 3 key condition, he lost his key by his mistake, then trade is invalid, and have not right to demand nothing.
  • this trade is not accurately from the beginning because of his key
  • avatar You will buy the movie?
  • avatar OMG, I think you need to sleep a little
  • Read my previous message. Where I said I don´t will buy the movie if I send the incorrect cube key?
  • but now, I don´t trust anymore, because he has shown methe he is not diplomatic and fair, because he opened this dispute.
  • avatar Put yourself in tridognight's position. Do you think it is reasonable to purchase a $30 game when you're not willing to purchase a $3 movie to accurately complete the trade?
  • avatar I´m honest, I do not harm my reputation sending an incorrect game intencionally, so I prefer remove it, because I´m not usre about that.
  • If cube is not the cube game that barter has set, then better remove it from the trade and I can incluide 2 games that I think he haven´t.
  • 3.- editing this trade, removing some games I want to keep,and that they do not erer part of the first trade proposed by me. This is like a compensation for not informing me about the risk of accepting this kingd of key
  • 1.- removing the game from my library and stop trade as invalid. 2.- get a key non tagged as "for tester". he can buy it or trading his games to get a syberia key.....
  • the cube is a mistake, but sending a beta key untagged is not a mistake, sorry but it is not. In spanish we say "yo puedo ser idiota pero no gilipollas" something like "I can be an idiot but not an asshole"
  • avatar What solutions do you propose to resolve this? If you want a new mediator, that can happen tomorrow.
  • avatar the cube is a mistake, but sending a beta key untagged is not a mistake, sorry but it is not. In spanish we say "yo puedo ser idiota pero no gilipollas" something like "I can be an idiot but not an asshole"
  • I would not lose my reputation for a damn game in a deal of 23 games
  • I´m the only one losing in this trade if someone cheats.
  • Really, you think I'm going to cheat on a deal, where I'm sending 23 games, and sending one of them not as described. OMG!!
  • If before trading games, there is doubt about the game, the n trade can be canceled or chose another game,or accept my mistake , becasue something happens
  • I got 2 games not listed in tradable list that this trader have not. so if this trade it would have been completed, and cube key is not as describe, I can offe tha games. This is honesty
  • by offering another games to compensate my mistake, or if he is honest accept it like a mistake without bad intentions
  • as I said before, as there is not bad intentions from my side, evvery honest and diplomatic person, got tools to solved this kind of mistakes.
  • not, because there very big differences it is not the same.
  • avatar I mention Cube because it's an example of a mistake that need not involve malice or intent to deceive. If you're capable of adding the wrong game, perhaps you should give others the benefit of the doubt.
  • avatar If other users want to be cheated with these practices, it's their problem, I feel cheated, this could be avoid informing about it.
  • You see?, I don´t want this copy of syberia 3 game, I don´t keep it.I do not steal, its invalid trade, what was offered or what I received was not as described, simple as that.
  • you have done it, and the funny thing is that you have not noticed. now pls resolve this dispute as must., close it without the red dispute in my account, and I will remove syberia3 from my library, because none options offered from my have been accepted
  • that makes you think that your value judgments, based on baseless accusations, are more acceptable than mine, based on factual knowledge of the whole process of the tradding? thank you you just gave me the reason in all my argument.
  • I am an excessively diplomatic person, but my patience is about to end. stop prejudice about what you do not know. my judgments are based on what is known. if for all of you I'm wrong.
  • Please send me another mediator, at least with a solid argumentation skills.
  • what a rational supremacism from your part. At least I know I received a key was not as described, and my arguments revolve around factual facts. on the contrary, you are making an argument ad hominem
  • presupposing that I intentionally intend to send you a key that is not as described. Good I´m the bad guy accusing of scamming without reason? OMG
  • And you are calling you mediator? OMG, accusing without knowing nothing about the key. Without knowing how I will procede if the key is not the corrent one. and i´m the bad guy??
  • This is something called, self-criticism, I did not see that from the other trader. And you are accusing before know the true about the key, and forgetting that there is no bad intention on my part.
  • So investigating about the cube key, if there are doubt about it ,same as the game Pirates of black cove, will be removed from the trade. this is honesty, there is not bad intentions from my side, just a misstagged because I did not copy his name properly
  • talk with my previous trader Reecebullet, and learn something about honesty, from his part and from my part.
  • now you are accusing me, but in worst manners, good
  • then if it´s, you have right to complain about it upon activating, not before i will fix this problem ,as i did in my previous trades. honesty
  • did you tested my cube key ? noot so...s odo not judge before testing the key, I ´m judging knowing the key that I received and it is not the expected to be received. can´t you find any diference?
  • if I add cube to tradable list and barter add the movie, What are you expecting? You are counter-argumenting against me using the same coin as you all considering that´s is not valid for defend my position? what a hiprocresy, not it´s valid?
  • avatar It is likely that the key you have is for The Cube and not for Cube
  • avatar maybe I activate a third one, and that because is a cube key, I don´t know. but the key is saved in a text file where I pasted the indeagala giveaway golden keys
  • avatar The movie version is included in this offer. Isn't accuracy important?
  • avatar I got 2 keys tagged cube
  • avatar Interested in all the games and DLC which I don’t have. If you don’t like my proposal, send counter. Interested in the number of games, not their quality. Overview
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