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Stikbold! 1 pending tradeHumble Bundle890
Cluck Yegger in Escape From The Planet of the Poultroid 1 pending trade
  • > ✉ in accepted offer to shane_ching2004
Killer is Dead $0 Humble Bundle676
Grey Goo Definitive Edition combined
+ Grey Goo combined970
+ Grey Goo - Soundtrack combined79
+ Grey Goo - Emergence Campaign combined85
Tempest no offersGroupees572
Loot Hero DX $0 969
hack_me $0 Humble Bundle769
Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden688
The Troma Project $0 80
Cowboy RewengeIndiegala x563
Draw Rider 2Indiegala x280
Art Of GravityIndiegala94
Poker Night at the Inventory 6647 different editionSteamdb iconHumble Bundle86
Puzzle AgentHumble Bundle88
Daily Chthonicle: Editor's EditionIndiegala576
Project RootIndiegala x250
eden*Indiegala x0896
Bad Rats
    Groupees x2574
    Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again $0 Indiegala576
    Arcane Raise - Booster PackGoGoBundle x46
    Male #1 + Booster PackGoGoBundle x44
    Female #1 + Booster PackGoGoBundle x43
    - Arcane preRaise -GoGoBundle x39529
    - Arcane RERaise -GoGoBundle x37531
    - Arcane Raise -GoGoBundle x39536
    Starter Pack for Arcane (pre)RaiseGoGoBundle x47
    Female #1 + Starter Pack for Arcane (pre)RaiseGoGoBundle x44
    Extra Character (Male #1) + Item Pack for Arcane RE-RaiseGoGoBundle x45
    Extra Character (Female #1) + Item Pack for Arcane RE-RaiseGoGoBundle x43
    Item Pack for Arcane RE-RaiseGoGoBundle x47
    Male #1 + Starter Pack for Arcane (pre)RaiseGoGoBundle x44
    Guns of Icarus Online Costume PackHumble Bundle
    Red Game Without A Great NameOtaku Bundle x25
    iGrow GameOtaku Bundle x2563
    Johnny Graves—The Unchosen OneOtaku Bundle x283
    Battle Islands Commanders - E3 Exclusive Crate combinedHumble Bundle
    Dokuro no offersGroupees x075
    Neon HardcorpsGroupees546
    Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 $0 Groupees43
    Absoloot $0 region locked 🌐🛈Indiegala x3554
    Sword of the Stars Indiegalagift link x093
    SwiftlyGoGoBundle x2561
    The Growth Journey - SoundtrackGoGoBundle x2
    Snik - SoundtrackGoGoBundle x2
    Three DigitsGoGoBundle654
    Two DigitsGoGoBundle x2678
    Multimirror - SoundtrackGoGoBundle
    Numberline $0 x13576
    Heart and Seoul Soundtrack and Director's CommentaryIndiegala
    Last Days of Spring 2 Soundtrack and Directors CommentaryIndiegala
    Sonic 3D Blast vAmazon x0
    Hearts of Iron IIIAmazon x0979
    Europa Universalis IIIAmazon x0588
    Crusader Kings II 4 pending trade 200 GemsAmazon x0889
    The Banner Saga x0889
    Light of Altair already used? x087
    Groupees Groupees
    Loving Dead (Book 1)Groupees
    Pumpkin On Your Stereo (album by Sam Haynes)Groupees
    Massive Chalice
    Fantasy General $0
    Mount & Blade $0
    Unspecified Platform Unspecified Platform
    MXM Poharan Pack [must be redeemed before June 13, 2018]Humble Bundle
    Blade & Soul Shadow Guard BundleHumble Bundle x2
    Crossout - Thug Starter Pack [Codes expire December 31, 2017]Humble Bundle
    Nothing (free!)
    Steam Item Steam Item
    Refined Metal x30
    Sack of Gems
    Trading Card
      WiiU WiiU
      Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition region locked 🌐Humble Bundle
      Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS
      Woah Dave! region locked 🌐Humble Bundle
      Mighty Switch Force! region locked 🌐Humble Bundle
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      Unmatched Game Test
      Unmatched Game Test B
      Dark Matter mismatch
      Frog Fractions 2