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Titles📖cards% positive reviews
A Week of Circus Terror A Week of Circus Terror750%
Apartment 666 Apartment 6666539%
Baseball Mogul 2015 Baseball Mogul 2015550%
Baseball Mogul Diamond Baseball Mogul Diamond4100%
Final Slam 2 Final Slam 2 $02811%
Fire Arrow Plus Fire Arrow Plus3__
Football Mogul 15 Football Mogul 15433%
Football Mogul 2014 Football Mogul 2014570%
Lost Moon Lost Moon $081271%
Multimirror Multimirror55__
Multimirror - Soundtrack Multimirror - Soundtrack2__
Rhythm Destruction Rhythm Destruction12665%
Riaaf The Spider Riaaf The Spider290%
Shotgun Raiders Shotgun Raiders55__
Super Hardcore Super Hardcore3__
Swiftly Swiftly9559%
Tenrow Tenrow7565%
The Grandfather The Grandfather561%
The Lady The Lady9653%
Winter Novel Winter Novel2588%
Zenodyne R Zenodyne R693%
Zenodyne R - Soundtrack Zenodyne R - Soundtrack__
Zenohell Zenohell684%

The segmented lines show the relative supply and demand of each game on Games with longer blue lines show that there are more tradable copies. Longer orange lines show that more users wishlisted the games.