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Titles📖cards% positive reviews
8bit Invasion 8bit Invasion3__
Across The Moment Across The Moment26100%
Azulgar Star Commanders Azulgar Star Commanders173%
boxlife boxlife475%
Combat Raccoon Combat Raccoon271%
Draw_Love Draw_Love287%
EvilMorph EvilMorph2590%
Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre $0866%
Golden Fever Golden Fever $0286%
Hyperdrive Massacre Hyperdrive Massacre492%
Leashed Soul Leashed Soul35__
LOG the game! LOG the game!2__
Magic and Challenge RPG Magic and Challenge RPG3__
Neckbeards: Basement Arena Neckbeards: Basement Arena__
Neon Arena Neon Arena1565%
Precursors Precursors163%
Project First Contact Project First Contact821%
Red Planet: Survive Red Planet: Survive141%
Retro Dungeons Retro Dungeons3__
Robo Do It Robo Do It76__
Slash or Die Slash or Die5685%
SnakEscape SnakEscape1583%
Space Hero Line Space Hero Line__
Tailwind Tailwind1100%
The Power Factory The Power Factory__
No longer available in bundle
Conjuntalia Conjuntalia3568%

The segmented lines show the relative supply and demand of each game on Games with longer blue lines show that there are more tradable copies. Longer orange lines show that more users wishlisted the games.

Conjuntalia is no longer available in this bundle


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