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Titles📖🏆cards% positive reviews$
single tier: $2.49 / 2.65€
Asteroid Bounty Hunter $0
Asteroid Bounty Hunter 
macOSLinux328183 6254.99
AuroraRL AuroraRL Linux218111 7224.99
Bloody Boobs Bloody Boobs 05897 4912.99
Casino Noir Casino Noir 0518 7244.99
Cat on a Diet Cat on a Diet 306348 8574.99
Charlie's Adventure Charlie's Adventure macOS256121 6834.99
Crazy Oafish Ultra Blocks: Big Sale Crazy Oafish Ultra Blocks: Big Sale 135152 6214.99
Crystal City Crystal City macOSLinux65786 8835.99
Cube Runner Cube Runner macOS416403 8734.99
Cubium Dreams $0
Cubium Dreams 
5543 6563.99
Cybercube Cybercube macOSLinux85035 8504.99
Detective Noir Detective Noir 0520 4064.99
Dispatcher Dispatcher 107563 4924.99
Duke of Alpha Centauri Duke of Alpha Centauri macOSLinux1286199 7734.99
Fly and Destroy Fly and Destroy macOSLinux25679 6734.99
Goodbye My King Goodbye My King 0066 7412.99
Hungry Flame Hungry Flame macOS96696 7134.99
Invasion $0
01070 48141.99
Iron Impact $0
Iron Impact 
0582 8773.99
Luxor Amun Rising HD Luxor Amun Rising HD 00...39.99
Luxor Evolved Luxor Evolved 33084 9779.99
Luxor Mahjong Luxor Mahjong macOS0013 8469.99
Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife 0017 5219.99
Marco Polo Marco Polo 00...16.99
Mr. Dubstep Mr. Dubstep macOSLinux46024 8704.99
Neon Prism $0
Neon Prism 
macOS166124 7644.99
Neon Space Neon Space macOSLinux146255 7934.99
Neon Space 2 Neon Space 2 macOSLinux177199 7334.99
OutDrive $0
051603 7122.99
Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf $0
Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf 
061130 6080.99
Particula $0
macOS07496 6642.99
Red Risk $0
Red Risk 
macOS197187 50*40.99
Reptilians Must Die! Reptilians Must Die! 05133 7241.99
Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena 0010 5059.99
SharpShooter3D ⚙️
00175 8415.99
ShipLord $0
macOSLinux9579 451110.99
Slash It $0
Slash It 
macOSLinux3026617 9124.99
Slash It 2 Slash It 2 macOSLinux3036629 9334.99
Sparkle 3 Genesis $0
Sparkle 3 Genesis 
macOSLinux325247 61114.99
Spin Rush Spin Rush macOSLinux156252 8034.99
Stigmat Stigmat 115123 72173.99
Surfingers Surfingers macOSLinux105338 8571.99
Survive in Space Survive in Space macOS426130 7034.99
The Braves & Bows The Braves & Bows 10542 7114.99
The Dweller The Dweller Linux116245 9244.99
Timberman $0
macOSLinux2053617 9390.99
Upside Down Upside Down macOSLinux786276 8734.99
Watch This! Watch This! 05516 7213.99
Zombillie Zombillie macOSLinux16577 7244.99
Zzzz-Zzzz-Zzzz Zzzz-Zzzz-Zzzz 0976 8031.99
50 items (40 with cards)238$248.50

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