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Became EA Play on August 18, 2020. Previously EA Access.

With subscription, play any game from the collection.
This chart hasn't been updated in 9+ months! This chart is deprecated and likely will become two separate charts for each platform.

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Titles📖🏆cards% positive reviews$
single tier: $4.99/month or $29.99/year
PlayStation 4 A Way Out000
Xbox 360 Alice: Madness Returns000
PlayStation 4 Anthem000
Xbox One Anthem000
Xbox 360 Army of Two000
PlayStation 4 Battlefield 1000
Xbox One Battlefield 1000
Xbox 360 Battlefield 1943000
Xbox 360 Battlefield 3000
PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4000
Xbox One Battlefield 4000
Xbox One Battlefield Hardline000
PlayStation 4 Battlefield Hardline000
PlayStation 4 Battlefield V000
Xbox One Battlefield V000
Xbox 360 Battlefield: Bad Company000
Xbox 360 Battlefield: Bad Company 2000
Xbox 360 Bejeweled 2 Deluxe000
Xbox 360 Bejeweled 3000
Xbox 360 BLACK000
PlayStation 4 Burnout Paradise Remastered000
Xbox One Burnout Paradise Remastered000
Xbox 360 Dante's Inferno000
Xbox 360 Dead Space000
Xbox 360 Dead Space 2000
Xbox 360 Dead Space 3000
Xbox 360 Dead Space Ignition000
Xbox 360 Dragon Age 2000
PlayStation 4 Dragon Age: Inquisition000
Xbox One Dragon Age: Inquisition000
Xbox 360 Dragon Age: Origins000
PlayStation 4 Fe000
Xbox One Fe000
Xbox 360 Feeding Frenzy000
Xbox 360 Feeding Frenzy 2000
Xbox One FIFA 15000
Xbox One FIFA 16000
PlayStation 4 FIFA 17000
Xbox One FIFA 17000
PlayStation 4 FIFA 18000
Xbox One FIFA 18000
Xbox One FIFA 19000
PlayStation 4 FIFA 19000
Xbox One FIFA 20000
Xbox 360 Fight Night Champion000
Xbox 360 Heavy Weapon000
Xbox One MADDEN NFL 15000
Xbox One Madden NFL 16000
PlayStation 4 Madden NFL 17000
Xbox One Madden NFL 17000
PlayStation 4 Madden NFL 18000
Xbox One Madden NFL 18000
Xbox One Madden NFL 19000
PlayStation 4 Madden NFL 19000
Xbox One Madden NFL 20000
Xbox One Madden NFL 25000
Xbox 360 Mass Effect000
Xbox 360 Mass Effect 2000
Xbox 360 Mass Effect 3000
Xbox One Mass Effect: Andromeda000
PlayStation 4 Mass Effect: Andromeda000
Xbox 360 Medal of Honor Airborne000
Xbox 360 Mirror's Edge000
Xbox One Mirror's Edge Catalyst000
PlayStation 4 Mirror's Edge Catalyst000
Xbox One NBA LIVE 15000
Xbox One NBA LIVE 16000
PlayStation 4 NBA Live 18000
Xbox One NBA LIVE 18000
Xbox One NBA LIVE 19000
PlayStation 4 NBA Live 19000
Xbox One Need for Speed (2015)000
PlayStation 4 Need For Speed (2015)000
Xbox One Need for Speed Heat000
Xbox One Need for Speed Payback000
PlayStation 4 Need For Speed Payback000
PlayStation 4 Need For Speed Rivals000
Xbox One Need For Speed Rivals000
Xbox One NHL 15000
Xbox One NHL 16000
Xbox One NHL 17000
PlayStation 4 NHL 17000
Xbox One NHL 18000
PlayStation 4 NHL 18000
Xbox One NHL 19000
PlayStation 4 NHL 19000
Xbox One NHL 20000
Xbox 360 Peggle000
PlayStation 4 Peggle 2000
Xbox One Peggle 2000
Xbox One Plant vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville000
Xbox 360 Plants vs Zombies000
Xbox One Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2000
PlayStation 4 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare000
Xbox 360 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare000
PlayStation 4 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2000
Xbox 360 Shadows of the Damned000
Xbox 360 SKATE 3000
Xbox 360 SSX (2012)000
Xbox One Star Wars Battlefront000
PlayStation 4 Star Wars Battlefront000
PlayStation 4 Star Wars Battlefront II000
Xbox One STAR WARS Battlefront II000
PlayStation 4 The Sims 4000
Xbox One The Sims 4000
Xbox 360 Titanfall000
PlayStation 4 Titanfall 2000
Xbox One Titanfall 2000
PlayStation 4 UFC000
Xbox One UFC000
PlayStation 4 UFC 2000
Xbox One UFC 2000
Xbox One UFC 3000
PlayStation 4 UFC 3000
Xbox One Unravel000
PlayStation 4 Unravel000
PlayStation 4 Unravel Two000
Xbox One Unravel Two000
Xbox 360 Zuma000
Xbox 360 Zuma's Revenge!000
No longer included
Xbox One FIFA 14000
Xbox One Rory McIlroy PGA Tour000
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