Saints Row: The Third

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The numbers of players are estimated by based on the achievement percents from Steam.

Achievement NamePercentPlayers
[ All Players Estimated ] 100.05,143,189.0
Dead Presidents73.33,769,891.0
The Welcome Wagon71.13,655,769.0
A Better Person55.32,845,860.8
Opulence, You Has It51.62,652,031.0
Shake And Bake41.02,110,533.9
We're Takin' Over41.02,108,302.9
Gellin' Like Magellan36.21,862,572.9
Go Into The Light32.61,678,461.0
Gotta Break Em In31.51,622,593.0
Haters Gonna Hate31.11,598,510.0
Ow My Balls!30.21,555,300.9
I Heart Nyte Blayde28.21,451,526.9
Tower Defense27.81,431,755.9
Titanic Effort26.51,361,584.9
Once Bitten... Braaaaaaains25.61,317,606.9
Murderbrawl 3125.41,307,395.9
Gangstas... In Space!22.71,169,601.0
Kuh, Boom.21.31,096,314.0
Public Enemy No. 118.2934,569.9
Getting The Goods16.3837,577.1
Pimped Out Pad15.7807,211.0
Eye of the Bee-Holder15.3785,374.0
Sting Operation15.0770,038.0
Tour de Farce14.9767,903.0
Blowing the Budget14.6753,215.0
Bromance in the Row14.5743,551.0
The American Dream13.6697,984.0
My Pet, Monster13.5696,626.0
Pew Pew Pew!13.5696,424.0
Who Loves Ya Baby13.1671,903.0
Tank You Very Much12.8658,224.0
Shoot that Green Stuff12.7652,867.0
No Stuntman Required12.6648,000.0
Here's Johnny12.5641,940.0
Mr. Fury Would Be Proud12.1623,974.0
Have A Reality Climax11.4586,585.0
Storm the Yarn11.4585,214.0
Gender Equality11.1573,220.0
Third And 3011.1570,635.0
Cameramen Down10.8555,073.0
And Boom Goes The Dynamite10.5540,737.0
Tune In, Drop Off10.3528,398.0
The Johnnyguard10.0512,689.0
Fence Killa 20119.9510,201.0
Send in the Clones9.6495,524.0
Porkchop Sandwiches9.6495,189.0
Your Backseat Smells Funny9.5487,535.0
Hanging With Mr. Pierce9.3475,912.0
Double Dose of Pimping9.1466,843.0
Mourning Stars8.9456,222.0
Hack the Planet8.9455,836.0
Jumped In8.1417,538.0
Get Off My Back7.8402,843.0
Flash The Pan7.8402,770.0
Man Power!7.6390,239.0
C-C-C-Combo breaker7.4381,803.0
You're the Best...7.3377,707.0
Murder in the Jungle7.2372,821.0
Bright Lights, Big City6.9356,753.0
Cowboy Up6.7345,391.0
Life of the Party5.7295,349.0
Lights! Camera! Action!5.7292,520.0
Stick the Landing5.3272,716.0
Everything Is Permitted5.2265,099.0
Genki Bowl Champ4.3222,554.0
Partners in Crime4.2214,116.0
Stay Classy Steelport4.0204,701.0
Flame On3.6182,763.0
Hi-Jack It3.4175,339.0
Love Hate Relationship3.2164,692.0
Feeding Time2.5131,008.0
Cooked To Perfection2.5126,059.0
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof2.2115,637.0
Crew of Two2.1110,169.0
You're My Hero!1.788,415.0
Love/Hate Relationship0.01,558.0
No Suntman Required0.048.0


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How are the numbers of players estimated?
Percent of players with achievement = (Number of players with achievement) / (All Players)
The estimation process deduces the number of All Players based upon the percentage of players that have each achievement and the constraint that the numbers of players should be integers.

Percent of players with achievement (e.g. 1.80020272731781006) is provided by Steam through a public API, but both Number of players with achievement and All Players are unknown. However, All Players values should be intergers (1.5 players wouldn't make sense), and should be within a range established by other factors such as the number of player reviews.

Why are there fractional numbers of players?
With a strict criteria of all integer player counts, some games produce no suitable results. Therefore, the process allows for a certain amount of error and thus fractional players.