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The numbers of players are estimated by based on the achievement percents from Steam.

Achievement NamePercentPlayers
[ All Players Estimated ] 100.05,288,204.0
Zero Saints Thirty69.83,691,589.0
There Is No Pancakes65.93,483,579.4
First of Many56.83,006,201.5
Don't Look Down48.92,583,500.6
Don't Panic47.32,500,314.4
Ooo A Piece of Candy!42.72,256,019.6
Ghost in the Machine38.02,008,980.5
Didn't Need to See Him Naked33.01,747,288.8
Blast from the Past25.51,349,543.8
About Time!23.91,264,791.7
Poodle Skirt21.41,130,450.8
Maximum Stopping Power21.01,108,334.8
You Chose... Poorly18.1955,025.8
Machine Man16.0845,134.9
All Too Easy15.1799,435.8
The Full Kinzie15.0793,534.9
Half Way Home14.2749,932.9
The Two Shaundis13.7725,488.9
On Her Saint's Secret Service13.7722,304.9
And I Ran...13.6719,167.9
Saints & Sensibility13.5712,106.9
How It Should Be13.3702,744.9
Paranormal Bromance13.2698,891.8
Chill Out12.7672,499.8
Double Team11.9631,497.9
Bow to the Boss11.8624,374.9
Friend of the Raptors11.7619,288.9
Better This Way11.5606,644.9
Bouncin' with an Old Friend10.4550,429.9
The Face of the Saints10.4549,824.9
Benjamin [CENSORED] King9.9522,808.9
The Twin Saints9.1479,054.9
*BEEP* YOU, CLAWZ!9.0474,784.9
Where's My Cape?7.7406,386.9
...A Saint Gets a Gun7.0368,011.9
Switch Hitter6.4336,533.9
The Whole Story5.9311,466.9
A Real Cluster....5.4287,919.9
Here! Catch!4.9259,683.0
Our Gift to You4.6242,197.9
Minty Fresh!4.3226,926.0
Back in the Day4.2222,228.0
Zoo Keeper4.2221,491.0
Fourth and Forty4.1217,498.0
Bringin' the Heat3.3176,769.0
Dear Santa3.3174,553.0
A Very Genki Holiday3.1163,682.0
Make a List, Check it Twice3.0160,350.0
Rigging the Race3.0156,100.0
Epic Jump Quest2.9151,008.0
Health Inspector2.7142,854.0
Experimental Tech2.5133,496.0
Fist Meet Ground2.5132,961.0
Super Power Team Up!2.5131,764.0
The Challenge King2.2118,664.0
Pounding the Pavement2.0103,690.0
Get that Kid to a Psychologist1.9100,823.0
I Am Become Death1.897,415.0
Walking the Dinorsaur1.896,254.0
A World Without Christmas1.895,197.0
He's Still on the Naughty List1.895,146.0
Hello Little Friend1.893,437.0
Ultimate Hot Potato1.790,699.0
Saints Team Six0.074.0
So High0.055.0
Charged With Assault0.032.0
Cached Out0.021.0
Ooo A Piece of Candy 2!0.020.0
Cancelled Flashbacks0.013.0
The Man-Cat0.013.0
TK Boned0.012.0
That Damn Blue Pill0.012.0
All Saints Day0.010.0
Enter the Dominatrix0.010.0
Where is My Mind?0.08.0
Ooo A Piece of Candy 3!0.07.0
Bad Memories0.06.0
Battery Powered0.05.0
Big BadaBoom0.04.0
Just Like Old Times0.04.0
Where in the World is...0.03.0
Nom Nom Nom0.03.0
Super Excellent!0.03.0
Mind Skill0.02.0
Saints Row Row Row0.02.0
Jumped In0.02.0
Zero Cool0.02.0
Half the Story0.01.0
I See You0.01.0
Upload the Dominatrix0.01.0
Mighty Mecha Player0.01.0


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How are the numbers of players estimated?
Percent of players with achievement = (Number of players with achievement) / (All Players)
The estimation process deduces the number of All Players based upon the percentage of players that have each achievement and the constraint that the numbers of players should be integers.

Percent of players with achievement (e.g. 1.80020272731781006) is provided by Steam through a public API, but both Number of players with achievement and All Players are unknown. However, All Players values should be intergers (1.5 players wouldn't make sense), and should be within a range established by other factors such as the number of player reviews.

Why are there fractional numbers of players?
With a strict criteria of all integer player counts, some games produce no suitable results. Therefore, the process allows for a certain amount of error and thus fractional players.