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The numbers of players are estimated by based on the achievement percents from Steam.

Achievement NamePercentPlayers
[ All Players Estimated ] 100.01,722,736.0
New heir59.41,023,239.0
2 000 meters of roads50.8875,000.0
100 000 minerals in a single mission40.9705,270.0
100 months in the Colonial Era40.6700,164.0
50 000 yearly revenue from Entertainment39.8684,848.0
Campaign progress 139.6682,512.0
500 population39.4678,296.0
150 buildings37.1638,528.0
Export 100 000 Luxury Goods27.7476,526.0
Finish tutorials26.3453,543.0
20 plantations ranches and farms24.6423,412.0
Change dynasty member outlook23.3400,707.0
Survive an uprising19.6337,029.0
Survive rebel attack against the Palace19.5336,296.0
Survive a coup19.5335,892.0
Bribe a Faction Leader19.0327,261.0
15 managers17.0292,023.0
Execute a Rebel Leader16.4282,284.0
20 edicts14.9257,419.0
200 000 in Swiss account13.7236,731.0
12 trade ships13.5231,714.0
5 embassies13.1225,470.0
All happiness values above 5012.8220,102.0
Host the Olympics12.2211,008.0
10 different industry buildings11.8202,442.0
5 Army Base11.7201,477.0
All tourist classes11.4197,020.0
Dynasty member with skill at lvl 510.2175,504.0
Campaign progress 29.8168,200.0
Finish a game with 100 US relations9.7166,292.0
77 overall happiness9.3160,509.0
20 Guard Towers9.2158,360.0
Amend the constitution 6 times8.9153,132.0
Finish multiplayer game8.8151,569.0
Advance to Modern Era before 19607.7133,342.0
Campaign progress 37.5129,441.0
Connect 2 cities in multiplayer7.1123,082.0
3 Fishing Trawlers6.7115,496.0
7 dynasty members6.3109,041.0
Campaign progress 46.0103,430.0
Campaign progress 54.984,411.0
3 Oyster Farms and Jewelry Workshop3.966,867.0
Complete Waterborne mission 13.560,688.0
Research everything2.950,304.0
Survive US invasion2.645,303.0
5 Foreign Powers in Offshore Offices2.543,095.0
Complete Espionage mission 12.340,199.0
Deal with 10 foreign spies2.137,030.0
Expose Secrets2.135,932.0
Fire Nuclear Submarine against a player2.034,159.0
13 spy agents1.830,520.0
20 drone kills1.627,980.0
Share 1 000 MW1.627,261.0
Win a game with Relentless Disasters1.525,841.0
All waterborne buildings constructed1.525,753.0
MI and Dungeon and 10 SC1.424,486.0
Complete Waterborne campaing1.423,783.0
Win a game on Tiny Island1.322,464.0
5 Police Blimps1.118,744.0
Finish Waterborne with the Black Pearl1.118,233.0
Complete Espionage campaing0.916,072.0
Win multiplayer game by points0.711,879.0
Win multiplayer game by construction0.711,250.0
Only 10 Floating Apartments0.610,609.0
90 standing with all Modern Era factions0.610,163.0
5 trades with China0.610,008.0
Defeat Captain Plant in combat0.59,453.0
Win multiplayer game by money0.59,043.0
Sabotage in Multiplayer0.46,746.0
20 prisoners0.34,741.0


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How are the numbers of players estimated?
Percent of players with achievement = (Number of players with achievement) / (All Players)
The estimation process deduces the number of All Players based upon the percentage of players that have each achievement and the constraint that the numbers of players should be integers.

Percent of players with achievement (e.g. 1.80020272731781006) is provided by Steam through a public API, but both Number of players with achievement and All Players are unknown. However, All Players values should be intergers (1.5 players wouldn't make sense), and should be within a range established by other factors such as the number of player reviews.

Why are there fractional numbers of players?
With a strict criteria of all integer player counts, some games produce no suitable results. Therefore, the process allows for a certain amount of error and thus fractional players.