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The numbers of players are estimated by based on the achievement percents from Steam.

Achievement NamePercentPlayers
[ All Players Estimated ] 100.02,000,449.0
Hire all ministers40.3805,262.0
Money in Swiss account35.2703,558.0
20 national tasks31.5630,867.0
Import 2000 food31.5630,042.0
Roads and garages31.5629,840.0
Quick build 10 constructions31.2624,248.0
Fire minister for a gaffe29.7594,951.0
Import 10 000 resources24.3486,198.0
Export 1 000 000 from industry24.2483,314.0
20 soldiers and generals22.2443,733.0
10 faction tasks20.7414,546.0
Finish all tutorials20.6412,330.0
Trait at level 518.2363,898.0
Distribute 1000 luxury goods16.8335,693.0
Upgraded Chemical plant16.5329,967.0
10 foreign tasks16.4328,686.0
Have 3 traits at level 516.3326,925.0
Survive a Coup16.2323,526.0
Domestic Affairs15.9318,882.0
200 buildings on one island15.5310,766.0
Campaign milestone 115.5310,330.0
Earn 1 000 000 from tourism14.4287,117.0
Upgraded Weather station14.1282,477.0
Foreign Affairs13.9278,648.0
Survive an uprising13.1261,789.0
Population over 300 and no shacks12.9258,407.0
No dry fields at the end of a drought12.5250,037.0
Campaign milestone 212.1242,242.0
Unlock all blueprints11.8236,085.0
Nuclear plant and nuclear program11.8236,058.0
Survive a tornado outbreak no casualties10.3205,540.0
Arrest 10 criminals10.3205,278.0
Have your clone die10.1202,399.0
Construct 1337 buildings10.1201,612.0
Put out 10 fires in a mission9.7193,629.0
Finish a game high happiness9.4188,052.0
Have Presidency9.3186,722.0
Generate power from nuclear plant9.0179,945.0
Earn money from Tropican art7.9158,396.0
Roller coaster aqua park ferris wheel7.7153,742.0
Survive 3 volcanic eruptions7.7153,196.0
Have Aerodrome and SevenStar hotel7.2143,162.0
Clean oil spill fast6.9137,524.0
Campaign milestone 36.1122,277.0
Dungeon and Colonial Museum6.0120,138.0
Survive a tsunami no casualties5.8116,225.0
Survive 10 disasters5.7114,976.0
Crystal Cathedral before 19905.7113,408.0
Finish expansion mission 15.7113,245.0
4 Biofarms and 4 Organic ranches5.5109,068.0
Ziggurat with 50 families5.4107,377.0
Your lucky day5.1102,156.0
Babel tower with 50 workers5.0100,559.0
Swiss account from customs office4.794,510.0
Campaign milestone 44.182,207.0
Finish expansion mission 43.978,889.0
Finish expansion mission 63.468,870.0
Completed the expansion campaign2.651,150.0
Kill Juanito2.549,672.0
Down with the Tyrant2.448,583.0
Finish a game Sandbox God mode2.447,091.0
From Rags to Riches1.835,364.0
Tropico for the Tropicans1.631,822.0
The Big House1.427,826.0
Kill rebels with the Masuoleum trap1.121,850.0
Have all traits at level 50.917,630.0


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How are the numbers of players estimated?
Percent of players with achievement = (Number of players with achievement) / (All Players)
The estimation process deduces the number of All Players based upon the percentage of players that have each achievement and the constraint that the numbers of players should be integers.

Percent of players with achievement (e.g. 1.80020272731781006) is provided by Steam through a public API, but both Number of players with achievement and All Players are unknown. However, All Players values should be intergers (1.5 players wouldn't make sense), and should be within a range established by other factors such as the number of player reviews.

Why are there fractional numbers of players?
With a strict criteria of all integer player counts, some games produce no suitable results. Therefore, the process allows for a certain amount of error and thus fractional players.