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Offer Failed Dispute about games or items lost ( about disputes )

BeerforBeer claimed I agreed to cancel

Naoto claimed I sent item, but received nothing in exchange

X BeerforBeer failed offer with Naoto
  • X Naoto failed offer with BeerforBeer
  • > Naoto accepted offer from BeerforBeer
  • < BeerforBeer proposed offer to Naoto
  • 🕗 Naoto set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 BeerforBeer set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Cry more please.
  • avatar Scammers on my friends list. You never bothered to correct this by adding me and sending me the code You owe me. I'm done with this scammer.
  • I never got the code. So I never used it. So you didn't lose anything. I didn't block you. I deleted you off my friend list. I don't keep
  • avatar Bcause i've send you a Between code but you blocked me
  • I lost a Between code
  • avatar Comment Hidden to Avoid Losing Game: Link detected
  • You lost nothing. I had to trade another code for this game from another RELIABLE trader.
  • avatar I'm a scammer if you want ^^
  • K i lose a game you lose a game
  • avatar You can't force others to change the deal after it's set. JUST cause you "wanted" to. Complete the deal, make another offer. Now troll off.
  • interested. So for you to not send the code after they already given you theirs, that makes you a scammer. You can't force others to change
  • for future references, make an offer 2:2 from the beginning. Also after someone already said no they're not interested they mean they're not
  • cause you are a scammer. anyway everything is done. I've already got the game from another trade. Leave me alone.
  • avatar Hmm i wanted to do a 2:2 but you called me scammer
  • avatar Doesn't that beg the question why you can't complete the first trade and make another offer. Instead of asking for me to send another game?
  • avatar I never say yo send the game i wanted i just sayed if we can do a fcking 2:2
  • avatar and I point out internet are full of people that aren't trustworthy. I think you proved my point quite well. Anyway I'm done with this.
  • You said I should trust you and send you the other game you wanted and how you don't want this one anymore and you'll not activate it...
  • about other games. Anyway, if you don't care then I guess you don't mind the rep and my warning to others of you on my page. Cause you scam me out of a game. Good day then.
  • I told you I'm not interested in any other trades, and asked if you are going through with the trade. You never answered and kept going on
  • avatar Ive just say i'll not activate yours.
  • And i never refused to send the code
  • Y continue to say i'm scammer i don't care
  • avatar I've already held up my end of the trade, then I can only assume you're a scamming. You refused to send the code. So scam. Traders beware
  • Like I have stated, I am busy with my life, I only have a bit of time to check this site before heading off. If you refused to trade after
  • There's nothing to discuss, we agreed upon the games to trade on this site. Trading here not making a life mate or friend.
  • avatar And discuss with traders , you win 1 "friendly" in your rep just for 5 minutes of discussions
  • I just wanted to discuss with you about the trade, and i wanted to see with you if you can change the game
  • Man after my scamm really ?
  • avatar 4. You'll have to re-add me on steam to send me the code if you meant to fix this. Saying you sent a code but not even able to contact me...
  • 1. I sent you my code, you sending me the code of the games we agreed to trade is what's right. 2.I haven't gotten the code. 3. keep the insults coming, definitely helping your case mate.
  • I've deleted you off my steamlist after your scam. So I have no clue what you're talking about "sending" me the code.
  • avatar If you say you didn't receive the code and i've send you I can call you scammer too
  • Hmmm ?? ive send you the keys man you are blind ?
  • avatar We agreed upon a trade, you are backing out. Therefore scammer. Still haven't gotten my code. Beware of this scammer peeps.
  • avatar I'll send you the key and stop crying
  • You say no, and you say i'm scammer but when i say i'll not use your code, i'll not use it go negative rep me i don't care, really
  • Man, just let me go first, i talk with all traders before the trade,you send me the keys without talk to me and i wanted to agree on a 2:2
  • avatar he assured me he hasn't used the code. But who can be sure. I never got my game. negative rep left
  • We agreed upon this trade, I added him, he accepted. Since he wasn't online I sent him the code. Now he wants another game.
  • avatar I'm back, sorry for not being active, not only interested in wishlist ^^
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