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!◄ proposedOneShotKO 2 weeks 9 hours ago
declinedSandman 16 hours ago
declinedBlitZero_ŞAMPİYON_GS 16 hours ago
completedByLeoN 2 days ago
🗩 так норм =)
completedSirAngles 2 days ago
🗩 I've added you to steam. Can your copy of Banished is a steam key?
declinedlunafury 2 days ago
declinedloxavii 2 days ago
completedOneShotKO 2 days ago
declinedZseri [HUN] 4 days ago
declinedTdbSpidey 4 days ago
declinedOneShotKO 4 days ago
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expired who 5 days ago
completed🅲 🅳 🅴 6 days ago
🗩 It's a ROW steam key
expiredvertigo 7 days ago
🗩 Not sure. Don't see anything about it on HB page but an EU user said they can only use EU copies of it, so don't know if that applies to all regions.
declinedsmoothmoveexlax 7 days ago
declined Manoloman 7 days ago
completedJoovII 7 days ago
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