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chaosfrost claimed I requested to cancel

弱智 claimed I sent item, but received nothing in exchange

X 弱智 failed (sent item, received nothing) offer with chaosfrost
  • X chaosfrost failed (requested to cancel) offer with 弱智
  • > 弱智 accepted offer from chaosfrost
  • < chaosfrost proposed offer to 弱智
  • 🕗 弱智 set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 chaosfrost set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Ahaha cause I am invisible mode right? Any common person would still trade with a person on whatever mode they chose to be on. Special people like you that are picky in trades deserve what they deserve. Sure, let's wait for mediator then.
  • avatar Reread our conversation on steam again then. I gave all answers there, multiple times. I don't want to repeat all over again, and I have nothing new to add. Let's wait for mediator of this dispute.
  • avatar That makes even less sense.. why don't you want from me in the first? Did I insult/hurt your feelings any sort of way? I am confused since you sent me an offer then wanted to cancel it. Did you have some prejudice towards me and changed your mind after?
  • avatar It clearly states that i don't want this game from you, not that i don't want it completely. It seems it is clear to anyone but you.
  • avatar Even if you didn't claim my key, why are you contradicting yourself? In the screenshots, it clearly states that you are not interested in the game multiple times, and aha! It seems you still want it from another trade. Enjoy your 1 Dispute!
  • avatar You can keep spitting sh*t as much as you want. Your key still fine. If it was fine from start. I don't know.
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  • avatar Haha nice, I see on Steam it even shows you have the DLC in your library now. People like you use subtle methods to act like they are the innocent. Anyways, I wouldn't even quarrel about a small tiny trade (hilarious to even do so), have fun with the DLC!
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  • To moderator: Here is our whole conversation. There I stated my reasons many times. Just ask if you want me to explain anything more. I don't want to support this kind of terrorism and don't want to trade with this person in any case.
  • avatar Hello, lets discuss on Steam. I add you as friend
  • avatar Hello. My game is not a key. It's full permanent with direct activation on your account.
  • avatar Hello, is your key a beta key or give full access to game forever?
  • avatar ***NOW ACCEPTING TF2 AND CSGO KEYS*** If you don't like my offer, please write your expectations for games i asking or make a counter. Trading multiple my games for 1-2 yours is OK. Just stay fair. Overview
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