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!<  proposed[M30W] Imponderabilia 5 days 34 hours ago
acceptedAC/DC Steve 6 days 7 minutes ago
declinedshv.grv 21 hours ago
declinedBoBo 23 hours ago
declinednazamout - may be AFK 36 hours ago
Sorry, I have to decline. I'll be trading Project Highrise for a game i'd like to play more than Death Road.
declined|F|ábio-|G|anga 41 hours ago
completedMinhs2 4 days ago
declinedRonin 4 days ago
completedMagic6 4 days ago
declinedmientus83 5 days ago
declinedBlackThug 5 days ago
completedfragie21 5 days ago
Sorry, no longer have slime-san
expiredThe [K]!LLer Dz 6 days ago
declinedとりにく 6 days ago
completedj0r1k 6 days ago
declinedNecrolophous[PL] 7 days ago
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