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X Dispute (sent item, received nothing) 6 months ago; X Dispute (key already used) 8 weeks ago


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Offer Failed Dispute unresolved, games or items lost ( about disputes )

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

Sugicloud claimed I sent item, but received nothing in exchange volunteered to mediate offer ( Countered )
  • X Sugicloud failed (sent item, received nothing) offer with MyIndieWishlist
  • 🕗 Sugicloud extended the expiration by 8 days
  • 🕗 Sugicloud extended the expiration by 8 days
  • 🕗 Sugicloud extended the expiration by 8 days
  • 🕗 Sugicloud extended the expiration by 8 days
  • 🕗 Sugicloud extended the expiration by 8 days
  • 🕗 MyIndieWishlist extended the expiration by 8 days
  • > Sugicloud accepted offer from MyIndieWishlist
  • < MyIndieWishlist proposed offer to Sugicloud
  • 🕗 Sugicloud set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 MyIndieWishlist set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Hi there Ive been away for a few weeks. I think I didnt use your key but if you tell me by pm (chat) which one was I may ask to Steam Support for date redeemption so we can clarify that, in any case, just message me, sorry about the delay! Health issues..
  • avatar Sorry to hear that you lost The Last Remnant. MyIndieWishlist has not be on Barter or Steam in over a month, therefore, I set this dispute to negligent.
  • avatar I got a trade and I send my key first but the key was already activated, so yes I lost it
  • Nothing yet, but im ok, still looking
  • avatar Any progress on finding a trade for The Last Remnant? MyIndieWishlist has been inactive for 5 weeks, so no rush from that side.
  • Unfortunately, MyIndieWishlist hasn't been active on the site for 4 weeks, so I am hoping that the key remains unused.
  • avatar I sended some offers, and Im not in a rush, dont worry, hope the guy appears, maybe he had a problem or something
  • avatar Yes, using the "already used?" tag is a good idea. What do you want for The Last Remnant? I'll look for potential trades also, if you'd like.
  • avatar I could try to find one, tag it as "may be used" but will take time.
  • avatar Is it possible that MyIndieWishlist did not use the key? Could you find another trade for it or a friend that would activate The Last Remnant?
  • avatar No, I sended Last Remnant key and waited till he could test the key (cause it wasnt for his account) and then he would send Shadow Of war and I finally would send 7 days
  • avatar Hi, I'll be the mediator for this dispute. Sugicloud, did you send 7 Days to Die and do you still have The Last Remnant key that you did send?
  • avatar Sorry to mark it as failed but I sended my Last Remnant keys 2 months ago and received nothing
  • avatar add me, talk me,
  • is the version which includes all the dlcs btw
  • final counter
  • Be POLITE and please reply me about the trade before adding me. Also in case you don't want to do the trade, please explain why, thanks Overview
MyIndieWishlist will send 1 of these tradables

in exchange for

Sugicloud will send 2 of these tradables

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