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player avatar MyIndieWishlist

X Dispute (sent item, received nothing) 18 months ago; X Dispute (key already used) 2 years ago; 🕵 Pending Review 2 years ago


avatar MyIndieWishlist
717; 512; 3 Disputes
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⚠ Warning! MyIndieWishlist has 3 unresolved disputed offers in which traders allege they lost games.

< Proposed
> Accepted
X Failed
Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

MyIndieWishlist claimed ...

Ema claimed Settled, agreed to compensate for loss

avatar Pan Dimensional Being volunteered to mediate this dispute.

MyIndieWishlist completed offer with Ema ( Countered )
  • Mediator Pan Dimensional Being edited the failed reasons of offer
  • Pan Dimensional Being volunteered to mediate offer
  • 🕗 MyIndieWishlist extended the expiration by 8 days
  • X Ema failed (sent item, received nothing) offer with MyIndieWishlist
  • > Ema accepted offer from MyIndieWishlist
  • < MyIndieWishlist proposed offer to Ema
  • MyIndieWishlist edited offer
  • < MyIndieWishlist proposed offer to Ema
  • 🕗 Ema set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 MyIndieWishlist set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Oh good. Well if you both agree that it's fine I'll just mark it as fine. If you disagree MIW let me know.
  • avatar Oh the user has sent me the game so it's fine now...
  • avatar Of course. I've sent friend requests to each of you.
  • avatar ok, mediate this
  • Item sent, I was afk, there is a expiration date for the offers once accepted, both parties agree to deal before that deadline, deadline hasnt be reached
  • avatar I just received the key.
  • The whole thing really looked like a scam.
  • The only word I had from this user was "Yes ? ?"... I sent the game according to the trade, then nothing, no reply on Steam/Barter, despite I can see this user is active. Here the whole "conversation" on Steam :
  • Doesn't reply me despite being active... I'll start a dispute tomorrow.
  • The keys were sent yesterday.
  • avatar add me, talk me,
  • countered
  • Be POLITE and please reply me about the trade before adding me. Also in case you don't want to do the trade, please explain why, thanks Overview
MyIndieWishlist will send 1 of these tradables

in exchange for

Ema will send 2 of these tradables

⚠ Warning! MyIndieWishlist has 3 unresolved disputed offers in which traders allege they lost games. Disputed offers are rare, but to reduce your chances of losing games in this trade, be cautious.

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