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Offer Failed Dispute about games or items lost ( about disputes )

đź”°ProtivulyaUAđź”° claimed other party abandoned offer

schastliv4ik claimed I sent item, but received nothing in exchange

avatar LRiPPER volunteered to mediate this dispute.

LRiPPER volunteered to mediate offer
  • X schastliv4ik failed (sent item, received nothing) offer with ProtivulyaUA
  • X ProtivulyaUA failed (abandoned) offer with schastliv4ik
  • > schastliv4ik accepted offer from ProtivulyaUA
  • ProtivulyaUA edited offer
  • ProtivulyaUA edited offer
  • ProtivulyaUA edited offer
  • 🕗 schastliv4ik set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 đź”°ProtivulyaUAđź”° set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar I write here not for you, but for mediator so he finally can see that i am clean and i dont want to understand what was happened with your gift after i DECLINED it. My screenshots says all for me.
  • avatar do not write here anymore
  • you still don't understand ...
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  • i wrote and i cancelled at he same time. i have proofs, you have nothing. when i cancelled item was returned to the SENDER - 3rd person - soldato.bely, not schastliv4ik. go to soldato.bely and demand compensation from him.
  • avatar So stop whining and go read the rules better
  • No friend, that's your problem. Otherwise, you would not be making excuses here in the chat. There is no difference a key or a gift. If I threw off the key, you would also write about the cancellation of the deal.
  • avatar I proved that I do not have that game and you cant proof nothing, just words, accusations and infusion on your position. When i pressed DECLINE button from that same moment i do NOT have nothing to do with you. if YOUR link do not work its YOUR proble
  • Ok. how it was. step 1) i received gift from unknown person called soldato.bely. step 2) i declined gift and i proved it in my screenshots. step 3) i dont care about you problems with that link / gift / game / 3rd person soldato.bely etc.
  • avatar Not only that, you also switched to a gift, thereby taking it from me.
  • After I threw off the gift, you wrote that there would be no exchange. It doesn't matter if it was a key or a gift as it is now. I sent you the game - but you didn't.
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  • avatar and the truth is far from your side. In fact, you deprived me of the game.
  • what does the Steam trader community have to do with it? : D you speak as if their opinion is higher than our mediator
  • avatar Dear mediator please remove "dispute" mark from me. As you can see steam-trades community voted (75% ) for removing negative rewiev on my ST-profile and now i have there clean reputation (23/0).
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  • So, dear mediator, i hope you have figured out this situation and will remove disput mark from me? I think that i showed enoug proofs of my innosence. If u want i can translate 4 u those screens from russian to english.
  • 1) i get/lost notging from schastliv4ik, 2) schastliv4ik lost his BouT 2 steam gift and think that i was claimed it. Thats all.
  • I suspect that it was invalid already at that time when u send it to me. How can i check it veracity when i pressed DECLINE and you agreed with my opinion that it was DECLINED from me. From that moment I have nothing to do with this link!
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  • avatar if a declined gift goes back into inventory or is automatically refunded, I don't understand the reason for this dispute. tell me what you have lost
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  • Mate u just wrote by yourself that i "following the link and declined the gift." That is what i am trying to prove. I have no certainty about truthfulness of those link if i clicked ACCEPT button.
  • And it wasnt even shown in my inventory as new incoming item it was just a link for anyone.
  • avatar The link that I had in the form of a Gift is no longer available. He deprived me of her in this way.
  • But you still deprived me of this Gift, after following the link and declined the gift.
  • Omg. What difference does it make in what way I received this gift? Whether it's a key or, in our case, a gift, you saw it, and I can no longer be sure of its reliability.
  • avatar And it wasnt even shown in my inventory as new incoming item it was just a link for anyone.
  • And before he send me that link i wrote him in chat - "погоди", which in russian means "wait a minute" etc. Usually traders have a little conversation before trade about are they comfortable to trade now or later etc. but schastliv4ik send me that l
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  • In that case mr. schastliv4ik must complain to not existed anymore mr. soldato.bely, the original gift owner. But instead of that he complains to me for i honestly declined his gift.
  • As shown on my screens i declined gift from person called soldato.bely with gift of Book of unwritten tales 2. Who is soldato.bely and why gift was not from schastliv4ik but from 3rd person idk.
  • avatar Hello. how can I help you to resolve this dispute?
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  • Go find soldato.bely then and demand that game/gift/code from him now. Why you involved 3rd person in this trade anyway? On my screenshot is written that game was returned to soldato.belt inv., not protivulyaua inv. and not at 3rd person inv. from my side
  • avatar And now my link to the gift is no longer available to me. And the very fact that he saw my link is already risky for me, because he can activate it at any time, since now he is not only with me ..
  • He followed my Gift link - and instead of just closing the gift window - he rejected the Gift back to another person who had it in his inventory. There is a screenshot that the owner of the gift (nickname of the Steam user) is not me.
  • After confirming the deal - I wrote to him, asked if he had everything in stock, he said yes. I threw him a link to a gift, and after that he wrote that the deal would not take place, because he wanted to exchange for a more profitable one.
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