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X Dispute (invalid key) 13 months ago


avatar Zero
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Zero claimed ...

Neomorph claimed I sent item, but received an invalid key

avatar ๐Ÿ’ Lilly (๐ŸŒธโ— โ€ฟโ— ) volunteered to mediate this dispute.

The key for Evil Bank Manager received from the dev was actually for a different game.
Zero listed the wrong tradable, unknowingly of what the key actually activates.
When asked to correct the mistake (find a replacement, talk to the developer and request a correct key), Zero showed little interest in fixing the situation. Considering this, the dispute will remain open on Zero's side. 12 months ago

๐Ÿ’ Lilly (๐ŸŒธโ— โ€ฟโ— ) volunteered to mediate offer
  • X Neomorph failed (invalid key) offer with Zero
  • Zero completed offer with Neomorph
  • > Neomorph accepted offer from Zero
  • < Zero proposed offer to Neomorph
  • 🕗 Neomorph set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 Zero set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Considering that this dispute does not have any resolution (no willingness from Zero's part to correct the mistake in the 12 days since this dispute has been open), I am closing it and as such leaving the dispute marker on Zero.
  • avatar (And I`ll try once again) Do you have any rational ideas how to resolve this situation? I`m tired of this no less than you :) P.S. I won`t take Evil Democracy~
  • Why do you even trade if you don't know almost anything about steam, bud? It`s normal when a beta key from the dev. have a strange name. We talked about this in our steam dialogue, where I explained everything to you, but here we go again~
  • avatar Using speculation prices than steamprices it's more fair right? And you were not amicable in any way, also 1 of the games I redeem from you was written in kanjis instead saying "kyvir" not even sure if that game it's legit or will be gone soon or later.
  • avatar But it seems to me that it won't happen, bc he is counting on steam-store prices
  • Hello there. It's really funny that he repeats this nonsense about *extra* key. Unlike Zero, I am not used to scam people and just did not take his key. I just don't need it. And about the amicable way - it would be nice if Zero will make his OWN offer/s
  • avatar @Neomorph: please try to work it out with Zero in an amicable way, without requesting an exaggerated compensation.
  • @Zero: Asking the dev for a replacement and sending it to Neomorph would indeed result in giving him an extra key, but it would also mean resolving the trade. If you are unable to provide some sort of compensation or the correct item you agreed upon, I don't see other option than leaving the dispute open on your side.
  • @Zero: You wouldn't have been able to confirm the key, even if he didn't send you the keys first, so your argument is not valid. To confirm it you'd need to try activating it and since you don't own the game already, that would have used the key.
  • @Zero: You are responsible for the keys you add to your tradables; regardless of what the source is, you should know what the key activates and in this case you sent Neomorph a different game that what you agreed (even in essence it's the same game).
  • avatar and he don't even ask and confirm if I had the key at the beggining just spam his keys and that's it have to forced to do the trade.
  • it's from indie boost and still waiting month for other game with the same issue, I can try but..probably will have the same problem...also he already has a key of the same value basically i'm giving a extra game because indie boost give me the wrong key.
  • avatar @Zero: Hello, do you have any updates about contacting the dev and replacing the key?
  • avatar Most of all I am outraged by the fact of rudeness on his part than the keys themselves. But I couldn't leave the problem with games either. So, now I just waiting for Zero's reply about getting the new key. Hope that he will be succeed
  • And about the *Big deal*. If Zero said that he would try to get a new key from the site, I would give him as much time as he need, without any comments.
  • If Zero will get the new key (for Evil Bank) I will calmly retreat. I don't really want extra Evil Democracy copy for trade.
  • avatar But ultimately, all these keys are review copies that are given to both of you for promotional purposes and not for trading, so I don't really understand why you're both making such a big deal out of keys that you got for free anyway...
  • I would also argue that Evil Democracy: 1932 is more valuable than Evil Bank Manager (outside of the grey market, which is not always a good reference scale) since it's newer, while Evil Bank Manager already had many 50% sales.
  • @Neomorph: regardless of the grey market value, you traded for the game with the intention of activating it and not selling it (since you tried the key). Does it make that much difference which of the 2 games it is, considering it's the same dev, same gameplay, same price, same +1? I highly doubt that you traded for it with other purposes than collection.
  • @Zero: is there any way to contact the developer on that website and ask them to send you a correct key, since it's their fault for sending you a key for the wrong product anyway.
  • avatar And wow, you always create trade offers not knowing if you have needed game?
  • About "skiping parts" - just send your own screenshots, lol
  • Evil democracy worth less then evil bank manager, bud. Do you have any proofs that I send your key to freinds? That Rus image only shows, that you sent me the wrong game
  • avatar also he say he get nothing but he has the game I give him that worth the same as the evil bank manager (evil democracy) (at least in steam), not sure if he send it to a friend or what because that russian image that show idk what means.
  • interesting you skiping part of the logs for example when you start saying hi and spam the keys without knowing if had the game or not also you skip the part of the image I showed.
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  • I'll provide chat logs asap
  • I asked him for games that worth +-5โ‚ฌ on grey markets, so, stop lying x2
  • And once again, bud, I don't care that you've got wrong key from some site. This trade is between you and me, so you can't just say "Bruh its not my fault"
  • I asked him to make his own offer, but he started to ignore me and blocked in steam
  • This is awful lie. First of all, I didn't take his key for the cheap game, so, I recieved nothing from this "trade". Second - I've never said that my games worth more than 15$, so please, stop lying. I offered him a few offers, but he refused them
  • avatar Hello, could you please share some chat logs so I can start mediating this dispute?
  • avatar he say my games worth nothing and his game 2 games (of 15 bucks both) worth a lot and he only want my expensive games so I was tired of listen nonsense and ignore him because he already got a key with the same value...
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Zero will send 1 of these tradables

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Neomorph will send 2 of these tradables

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