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X Dispute (sent item, received nothing) 2 years ago; X Dispute (region lock) 2 years ago

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avatar brake [Buying Cards] volunteered to mediate this dispute.

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yonizaf claimed I sent item, but received nothing in exchange

From my conversation with yonizaf they told me that they had given Insurgency to SitOnMyBullets. Then SitOnMyBullets activated the game and blocked and removed yonizaf. I contacted SitOnMyBullets on Steam. They were responsive but when I asked about the game and if they are willing to reimburse yonizaf SitOnMyBullets went silent. That happend three times - responding back to me but then being silent about reimbursement. Then I went and gave SitOnMyBullets a week to reply to me, regarding this dispute. During that time I received no messages from them, though I left them messages multiple times, reminding them about the dispute. The time he was given run out and they did not responded to any of my messages. Eventually SitOnMyBullets went and removed me from their firends list. I see this dispute as nothing else but permanently connected with the reputation of SitOnMyBullets, as they did in fact had taken yonizaf's game but did not gave them, neither seems to care to give them anything in return. 5 months ago

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