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player avatar NeedRed

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avatar NeedRed
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Offer Failed Dispute about games or items lost ( about disputes )

NeedRed claimed I agreed to cancel

Jato claimed I sent item, but received an already used key

X NeedRed failed offer with tajimamilos
  • X tajimamilos failed offer with NeedRed
  • > tajimamilos accepted offer from NeedRed
  • < NeedRed proposed offer to tajimamilos
  • 🕗 Jato set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 NeedRed set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar I checked on two computers - unfortunately, the message never survived. Perhaps the correspondence preserved at tajimamilos?
  • avatar Are you still friends with tajimamilos? Could you message tajimamilos about this dispute?
  • avatar Yes, that's right. tajimamilos said that my key is already activated. I replied that I would not activate his key.
  • avatar NeedRed, to confirm, tajimamilos sent a Crysis 2 origin key to you first, but you did not activate it. Then, you sent Gods Will Be Watching to tajimamilos, but tajimamilos was unable to active it because it had already been activated. Is that accurate?
  • avatar He sent, but I did not activate it.
  • avatar NeedRed, so tajimamilos never sent you the Origin key for Crysis 2 Maximum Edition?
  • avatar I gave him the key that was already activated. Agreed to cancel the trade.
  • avatar Hi, I'll be the mediator for this dispute. Unfortunately, tajimamilos hasn't been on Barter for 6 weeks. NeedRed, what happened in this trade?
NeedRed will send 1 of these tradables

in exchange for

Jato will send 1 of these tradables

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