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X Dispute (region lock) 2 years ago


From Scav3ngeR26; 25; 2 DisputesSteam Trades iconSteam icon
To The Indie Mate14; 9; 3 DisputesSteam Trades iconSteam icon
Updated X Taiieb failed offer with Maria-chan
  • X Maria-chan failed offer with Taiieb
  • > Maria-chan accepted offer from Taiieb
  • < Taiieb proposed offer to Maria-chan
  • 🕗 The Indie Mate set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 Scav3ngeR set proposed offer to expire
< Proposed
> Accepted
X Failed
X Failed
Offer Failed About Disputes Dispute about games or items lost

Scav3ngeR claimed what was offered or what I received was not as described

The Indie Mate claimed I sent item, but received a region locked key

  • avatar I just checked your Barter profil you are a piece of SHIT !!! SCAMMMMEEER !!!!!!
  • avatar Contact them lol i have more rep then you so you go first ... that the barter rules ....
  • avatar Sure, i have all screenshots and proofs, u'll enjoy ur ban verysoon im contacting the barter support
  • avatar Scammer ...
  • avatar sent a trade offer of games he doesn't even have
Scav3ngeR tradables

3 of the items above

in exchange for

1 of the items below

The Indie Mate tradables

Warning! The Indie Mate has 3 failed and disputed offers in which traders allege they lost games. Disputed offers are rare, but to reduce your chances of losing games in this trade, be cautious.

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