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player avatar Recu


5014; 2141; 0
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0; 0; 1 Dispute
Steam iconSteam Trades iconDiscord🌐 ROW:EU
< Proposed
> Accepted
X Failed
Offer Failed Dispute about games or items lost ( about disputes )

Recu claimed I sent item, but received an invalid key

ShroomSlayer claimed ...

X Recu failed (invalid key) offer with ShroomSlayer ( Countered )
  • ShroomSlayer completed offer with Recu
  • > ShroomSlayer accepted offer from Recu
  • < Recu proposed offer to ShroomSlayer
  • 🕗 ShroomSlayer set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 Recu set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar All keys from this user are duplicates, when I asked about that he goes offline. And he activated my games already.
  • avatar Either is fine. moons of madness dev key. so can send first
  • avatar eventually Moons of Madness in place of Barotrauma if u preffer
  • Please, no random invites. My games are steam keys which I bought by myself. I will not ask you for joining steam groups to claim games and I will not send suspicious links to claim steam gifts from risky site. Overview
Recu will send 3 of these tradables

in exchange for

ShroomSlayer will send 5 of these tradables

ShroomSlayer has fewer than 5 unique completed offers and therefore should go first in the exchange. This is to discourage the creation of throwaway accounts that have no intention of completing trades.

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