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Humble Weekly Bundle: Team 17 Evolved

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Worms Clan Wars (tier 3): 4 copies as 4 separate Steam keys

Titles📖🏆cards% positive reviews$
tier 1
Alien Breed TrilogyAlien Breed Trilogy 
Steamdb icon
Alien Breed: Impact Alien Breed: Impact  $0130708 77*710
Alien Breed 2: Assault Alien Breed 2: Assault 130276 77*510
Alien Breed 3: Descent Alien Breed 3: Descent 130258 76*510
Alien Breed 2: Assault DLC Alien Breed 2: Assault DLC 00...0
Superfrog HD Superfrog HD 
165694 472
Worms Worms 00293 8467.99
Worms Armageddon Worms Armageddon 004591 94514.99
Worms Blast Worms Blast 00123 6357.99
Worms Crazy Golf Worms Crazy Golf 
290267 8469.99
Worms Pinball Worms Pinball 00140 6057.99
Worms Ultimate Mayhem - Deluxe EditionWorms Ultimate Mayhem - Deluxe Edition 
Steamdb icon
Worms Ultimate Mayhem Worms Ultimate Mayhem 3802714 88*815
Worms Ultimate Mayhem - Single Player Pack Worms Ultimate Mayhem - Single Player Pack 0038 94017
Worms Ultimate Mayhem - Customization Pack DLC Worms Ultimate Mayhem - Customization Pack DLC 0018 88*63
Worms Ultimate Mayhem - Multi Player Pack Worms Ultimate Mayhem - Multi Player Pack 0023 82*63
tier 2
Overruled! Overruled! 
24819 63112.99
Worms Reloaded: Game of the Year EditionWorms Reloaded: Game of the Year Edition 
Steamdb icon
Worms Reloaded Worms Reloaded 6102569 85*920
Worms Reloaded Preorder DLC Worms Reloaded Preorder DLC 0010 80*52
Worms Reloaded Retro Pack Worms Reloaded Retro Pack 00...*55
Worms Reloaded Fort Booster Pack Worms Reloaded Fort Booster Pack 00...*55
Worms Reloaded Puzzle Pack Worms Reloaded Puzzle Pack 0011 63*55
Worms Reloaded Time Attack Pack Worms Reloaded Time Attack Pack 00...*55
Worms Reloaded - Soundtrack DLC Worms Reloaded - Soundtrack DLC 00...0
Worms Revolution Gold EditionWorms Revolution Gold Edition 
Steamdb icon
Worms Revolution Worms Revolution 3454288 85*615
Worms Revolution - Level Editor Worms Revolution - Level Editor 00...0
Worms Revolution - Single Player Access Worms Revolution - Single Player Access 00...0
Worms Revolution Czech Worms Revolution Czech 00...0
Worms Revolution english Worms Revolution english 00...0
Worms Revolution french Worms Revolution french 00...0
Worms Revolution german Worms Revolution german 00...0
Worms Revolution italian Worms Revolution italian 00...0
Worms Revolution Polish Worms Revolution Polish 00...0
Worms Revolution Portuguese Worms Revolution Portuguese 00...0
Worms Revolution Russian Worms Revolution Russian 00...0
Worms Revolution spanish Worms Revolution spanish 00...0
Worms Revolution - Mars Worms Revolution - Mars 00...05
Worms Revolution - Funfair Worms Revolution - Funfair 00...05
Worms Revolution - Customisation Pack Worms Revolution - Customisation Pack 00...05
Worms Revolution - Medieval Tales Worms Revolution - Medieval Tales 00...05
tier 3
Flockers Flockers 
206122 77119.99
Worms Clan Wars Worms Clan Wars 
1451520 77724.99
13 items 5 with cards29$196.88

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