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The numbers of players are estimated by based on the achievement percents from Steam.

Achievement NamePercentPlayers
[ All Players Estimated ] 100.01,520,198.0
23¬Achievement¬Golden Axe 1 - Use magic when no enemies are present0.45,721.9
-1¬Achievement¬Sonic Games - Collect 500 Rings0.45,568.9
-1¬Achievement¬All Games - 1 Challenge Complete0.22,347.0
40¬Achievement¬Sonic 2 - Finish Emerald Hills with 5 lives0.11,500.0
39¬Achievement¬Sonic 1 - All Chaos Emeralds0.11,401.0
7¬Achievement¬Columns - High Score 5000 [Easy]0.11,398.0
36¬Achievement¬Shining Force - Reached Alterone0.1976.0
43¬Achievement¬Sonic Spinball - Collect all 3 Emeralds0.1973.0
25¬Achievement¬Golden Axe 3 - Get max magic0.1929.0
51¬Achievement¬Toejam and Earl - Dance the Hula0.1920.0
-1¬Achievement¬All Games - 20 Games Played0.1903.0
1¬Achievement¬Alien Soldier - Use 4 different weapon modes0.1880.0
34¬Achievement¬Shadow Dancer - First 2 acts without magic0.1776.0
13¬Achievement¬Dynamite Headdy - Defeat the robo-collector0.0748.0
38¬Achievement¬Shinobi 3 - Earn a Shinobi bonus0.0660.0
45¬Achievement¬Streets of Rage - Get to last boss without using a continue0.0650.0
51¬Achievement¬Toejam and Earl - Secret Island found0.0629.0
24¬Achievement¬Golden Axe 2 - Knock enemies off the environment0.0617.0
-1¬Achievement¬All Games - 50 Games Played0.0602.0
-1¬Achievement¬All Games - 10 Challenges Complete0.0594.0
44¬Achievement¬Space Harrier 2 - Score 5,000,0000.0593.0
-1¬Achievement¬Golden Axe Games - Collect magic0.0565.0
0¬Achievement¬Alex Kidd - Win 50 Games of Rock,Paper,Scissor0.0560.0
47¬Achievement¬Streets of Rage 3 - Finish the game0.0557.0
-1¬Achievement¬All Games - All Challenges Complete0.0511.0


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How are the numbers of players estimated?
Percent of players with achievement = (Number of players with achievement) / (All Players)
The estimation process deduces the number of All Players based upon the percentage of players that have each achievement and the constraint that the numbers of players should be integers.

Percent of players with achievement (e.g. 1.80020272731781006) is provided by Steam through a public API, but both Number of players with achievement and All Players are unknown. However, All Players values should be intergers (1.5 players wouldn't make sense), and should be within a range established by other factors such as the number of player reviews.

Why are there fractional numbers of players?
With a strict criteria of all integer player counts, some games produce no suitable results. Therefore, the process allows for a certain amount of error and thus fractional players.