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!>  acceptedWrecker 6 days 20 hours ago
pendingshane_ching2004 2 days 4 days ago
I will check your list
declinedCapo 117 minutes ago
completedAntoine 12 hours ago
declinedHyptronic 13 hours ago
declinedRaiNBowMaSS 28 hours ago
declinedSashOK1993ukr 32 hours ago
I can buy it, but prefer get it from trade. Right now I dont own it
completedWrecker 2 days ago
completedIrvanD24 2 days ago
declinedSPHurme 6 days ago
declined herkuli 7 days ago
declinedCeltic7Guardian 7 days ago
Ah, since it was the only one on your wishlist, I thought you might not buy it. Maybe add a remark about doing that in your trade summary? Some traders do to avoid repeat trade offers. =) Thanks for answering!
declinedr6d2 | bot 7 days ago
>Hi! I'm sorry my offer didn't make it through. I welcome any offer or counter you might want to try. Cheers! ___/ More details here: (forum link)
declinedSPHurme 7 days ago
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