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!◄ proposed☆゚.*・。゚ silly6 days 4 hours ago
!◄ proposedTximista2 days 10 hours ago
!>  acceptedtoodee6 days 18 hours ago
!◄ proposedbrake5 days 30 hours ago
!>  acceptedSweetDalilah2 days 39 hours ago
Which one of these do you prefer? Do you want a giftlink? As Neo pug is a key. Btw do you still have this one
pendingZebax15 hours 32 hours ago
pendingSpitfire3 days 3 days ago
completedTximista10 hours ago
completedMisiu11 hours ago
completedbrake31 hours ago
completedAnsony169137 hours ago
ok c:
completedInSomnisVeritas40 hours ago
declinedjillyjill241 hours ago
Can be great if something from my tradable interests you in exchange for it
completedSashOK1993ukr42 hours ago
declinedjillyjill242 hours ago
completedTEXYMAN43 hours ago
Edited offer :)
completedReaper Madness44 hours ago
Not a problem. I was about to inquire about the possibility of getting that option back in fact :)
completedKitsune-Musume46 hours ago
completedTximista2 days ago
completedse182 days ago
all work fine. thanks for trade
completedTEXYMAN2 days ago
completedBernie_232 days ago
completedBernie_232 days ago
completedTomek3 days ago
completed Hig Hurtenflurst3 days ago
completed〖Murtida〗3 days ago
completedjims93503 days ago
completedVictor Jota3 days ago
completed bb103 days ago
completedImirik3 days ago
declinedBabyDaddy Cool3 days ago
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