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acceptedmaudibawakemana 6 days 8 hours ago
🗩 keys sent via steam chat, thank you
acceptedSeemannsdämlack 5 days 2 months ago
🗩 to explain, I extended that one offer on the last hours, means I have only a day to catch and re-extend it again, jeopardizing me to miss it. Better to simply allow extensions when exp is 1 week or less left.
completed₺Oyun₺ 9 hours ago
completeddragonfly59 11 hours ago
completedAlexandra 2 days ago
🗩 Hey, I accepted the trade offer and sent you the key over Steam chat. If you need it again, please let me know. Thanks for the trade!
completed₺Oyun₺ 3 days ago
Offers are visible to all users. Limit of 1 pending offer to each user.