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!>  acceptedWixty6 days 2 hours ago
pendingMaximozavr5 days 36 hours ago
pendingrivenne4 days 2 days ago
pending Taku4 days 2 days ago
pendingKaijin2 days 4 days ago
completedTEXYMAN19 hours ago
completedTrouble with the curve20 hours ago
completedSPHurme22 hours ago
completedVampiress Gamer Kitten33 hours ago
If you think my offer is unfair let me know and I will try to change it. Thank you.
completedDevilkan35 hours ago
declinednightside18735 hours ago
sry just removed this game from my wishlist
completedBert Igermann #189336 hours ago
completedSPHurme36 hours ago
completedDevilkan39 hours ago
completedRed Hat Chicken39 hours ago
completedGodFeelling42 hours ago
completedGodFeelling45 hours ago
completedThane2 days ago
completedrapsodelopront[away]2 days ago
completedTEXYMAN3 days ago
Keys sent via chat Steam c:
completedAlex - cutie.cafe3 days ago
Only thing I don't have in your tradables, haha. Let me know if this doesn't work
completedr6d23 days ago
completedDrR0Ck3 days ago
completedAntonioium3 days ago
completedBabyDaddy Cool3 days ago
declinedLever Nucky3 days ago
completedRed Hat Chicken3 days ago
completedRed Hat Chicken3 days ago
completedeifelkenny3 days ago
declinedTrumoi3 days ago
completedShyuro (afk/idle)3 days ago
completedTEXYMAN4 days ago
Keys sent via Steam :)
completedmonokoma4 days ago
Hi Barter! I'm new on here so i'm not sure, how can i send you the link for Beholder and get Move or Die? Thansk for your help :)
declinedNitro4 days ago
completedMagnete5 days ago
completedVeldel5 days ago
completedBT835 days ago
completedWashington Irving5 days ago
completedTximista5 days ago
i gived keys in steam chat
completedKuzux5 days ago
completedTximista5 days ago
completedsolarfun6 days ago
No problem, anytime
completedmaudibawakemana6 days ago
expiredAnsony16917 days ago
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