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Items that you have to trade.

Tradable updated 9 days ago
Steam   Steam [ Show Images ]🛒% positive reviewsUS$
Bleeding Edge Closed Beta Only base gameunspecified
Interplanetary unspecified52879
Battlerite - Armored Black Bear DLC*$0Buy Games Not Socks
FTL: Faster Than Light 2020-05-20 activation deadline ⏰ x041350969.99
Trident's Wake 🕙 ⚙️unspecified605614.99
EXAPUNKS Humble Bundle7019619.99
Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command unspecified475124.99
Anomaly Über Bundle combined$0unspecified
+ Anomaly Warzone Earth combinedunspecified6
+ Anomaly 2 combinedunspecified6
+ Anomaly 2 Soundtrack combinedunspecified
+ Anomaly Korea combinedunspecified5
+ Anomaly Warzone Earth Mobile Campaign combinedunspecified5
+ Anomaly Defenders combinedunspecified5
Interplanetary + Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition (38142) [activates as Interplanetary] combinedunspecified14.99
+ Interplanetary combinedunspecified8
+ Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition combinedunspecified12
Humble Store   Humble Store
20% store discount 🕙 4 pending trade11 userfieldHumble Storegift link
Steam Item   Steam Item
Refined Metal 11 userfieldno offersSteam
Trading Card 11 userfield
    Sack of Gems 3 combined ⛓11 userfieldSteam
    • > ✉ in accepted offer to Seemannsdämlack
    Item for testing purposes 1 4 pending trade2020-05-20 activation deadline ⏰10 trading cardsunspecified
    Item for testing purposes 2 2020-05-21 activation deadline ⏰unspecified
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